Transaction DateRecipientCompanySharesTypePriceValue
29th January 2031Walter Stanley BermanAmeriprise Financial, Inc.6630Grant/award etc.$0.00
21st December 2030Robert E Iv MasonFirst Citizens Bancshares, Inc. (North Carolina)200Other acquisition or disposition$0.00
19th March 2030Steven E. SheltonCalifornia Bancorp1700Grant/award etc.$0.00
19th March 2030Thomas A SaCalifornia Bancorp1500Grant/award etc.$0.00
19th March 2030Scott Alexander MyersCalifornia Bancorp1350Grant/award etc.$0.00
19th March 2030Thomas M. DorranceCalifornia Bancorp1200Grant/award etc.$0.00
19th March 2030Michelle WirfelCalifornia Bancorp1350Grant/award etc.$0.00
4th May 2029J Kevin GilliganStrategic Education, Inc.739Open or private sale$148.88$110,022.32
25th February 2029Robert C CantwellB&G Foods, Inc.11027Payment by withholding$24.50$270,161.50
21st December 2022Donald GayhardtCuro Group Holdings Corp.15000Open or private sale$14.79$221,826.00
21st December 2022Donald GayhardtCuro Group Holdings Corp.15000Exercise of derivative$2.68$40,200.00
8th June 2022Oprah WinfreyWeight Watchers International, Inc.1039Open or private sale$26.59$27,627.01
8th June 2022Oprah WinfreyWeight Watchers International, Inc.51381Open or private sale$25.86$1,328,712.66
20th May 2022Sharon D GarrettRoss Stores, Inc.1761Grant/award etc.$0.00
1st May 2022Peter J Mc DonnellAllergan Plc991Payment by withholding$189.74$188,032.34
22nd February 2022John Webster NurkinSpx Corp.586Payment by withholding$56.03$32,833.58
21st January 2022David EidsonAtlantic Capital Bancshares, Inc.491Grant/award etc.$0.00
5th January 2022David A HandlerPenn National Gaming, Inc.4636Grant/award etc.$0.00
5th January 2022David A HandlerPenn National Gaming, Inc.618Grant/award etc.$0.00
21st September 2021Kevin M PohlmanPatterson Cos., Inc.37Payment by withholding$24.65$912.05
26th March 2021W. Sharps RobertT. Rowe Price Group, Inc.10.856Grant/award etc.$161.20$1,750.02
5th March 2021Daniel G CohenThe Bancorp, Inc. (Delaware)40000Open or private sale$21.68$867,328.00
5th March 2021Robert E AppleMastec, Inc.14474Open or private sale$92.26$1,335,427.69
5th March 2021William C MulliganTfs Financial Corp.7172Open or private sale$20.93$150,109.96
5th March 2021Volker WengBorgwarner Inc.2973Open or private sale$46.91$139,463.43
5th March 2021David J MeyerAvista Corp.2000Open or private sale$41.77$83,540.00
5th March 2021Michael Louis BattlesClean Harbors, Inc.10000Open or private sale$86.39$863,900.00
5th March 2021Stephen P BellCimarex Energy Co.6451Open or private sale$66.09$426,365.94
5th March 2021Nicolas BoudetWingstop Inc.87Open or private sale$118.38$10,299.26
5th March 2021A. Akiva KatzMack-Cali Realty Corp.167000Open or private purchase$14.50$2,421,500.00
5th March 2021Henry W KilmerCogent Communications Holdings, Inc.2400Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan$57.64$138,340.32
5th March 2021Gene C WulfA. O. Smith Corp.500Open or private sale$62.00$31,000.00
5th March 2021Madison JobeWingstop Inc.91Open or private sale$118.38$10,772.79
5th March 2021Gp Holdings Llc PaaPlains All American Pipeline Lp197400Other acquisition or disposition$0.00
5th March 2021Mahesh SadaranganiWingstop Inc.118Open or private sale$118.38$13,969.11
5th March 2021Michael V SchrockPlexus Corp.5000Open or private sale$86.04$430,216.00
5th March 2021Michael SkipworthWingstop Inc.240Open or private sale$118.38$28,411.75
5th March 2021Michael V SchrockPlexus Corp.1250Exercise of derivative$31.70$39,625.00
5th March 2021Michael V SchrockPlexus Corp.1250Exercise of derivative$27.86$34,825.00
5th March 2021Michael V SchrockPlexus Corp.1250Exercise of derivative$36.79$45,987.50
5th March 2021Timothy G OneillCogent Communications Holdings, Inc.1200Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan$57.78$69,336.00
5th March 2021Michael V SchrockPlexus Corp.1250Exercise of derivative$25.97$32,456.25
5th March 2021Blake A SirgoCimarex Energy Co.3500Open or private sale$65.00$227,500.00
5th March 2021Thomas X GeiselProvident New York Bancorp8452Open or private sale$22.72$192,029.44
5th March 2021John Foster`Wilson Bank Holding Co8Open or private purchase$58.75$470.00
5th March 2021Simon M LorneTeledyne Technologies, Inc.91Exercise of derivative$33.00$3,003.00
5th March 2021Oprah WinfreyWeight Watchers International, Inc.29680Open or private sale$35.08$1,041,174.40