Alan G Hassenfeld

CRM 108,563 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Alan G Hassenfeld is at least $17,370,080.00. Alan G Hassenfeld owns over 108,563 units of, inc. stock worth over $17,370,080.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
22nd February 2019CRM -, inc.889Grant/award etc.125,627$0.00
16th May 2019HAS - Hasbro, Inc.1,636Grant/award etc.32,581$0.00
22nd May 2019CRM -, inc.782Grant/award etc.126,409$0.00
22nd August 2019CRM -, inc.808Grant/award etc.127,217$0.00
22nd November 2019CRM -, inc.832Grant/award etc.128,049$0.00
22nd February 2020CRM -, inc.514Exercise of derivative128,563$0.00
14th May 2020HAS - Hasbro, Inc.2,559Grant/award etc.35,140$0.00
17th April 2020CRM -, inc.20,000Open or private sale108,563$160.00$3,200,000.00$17,370,080.00
1st May 2020CRM -, inc.10,000Open or private sale98,563$160.00$1,600,000.00$15,770,080.00
22nd May 2020CRM -, inc.514Exercise of derivative99,077$0.00
1st June 2020CRM -, inc.198Open or private sale89,077$177.47$35,139.06$15,808,495.19
1st June 2020CRM -, inc.3,256Open or private sale89,275$176.93$576,084.41$15,795,434.68
1st June 2020CRM -, inc.1,382Open or private sale92,531$175.83$242,997.89$16,269,781.25
1st June 2020CRM -, inc.2,507Open or private sale93,913$174.51$437,484.79$16,388,316.24
1st June 2020CRM -, inc.2,657Open or private sale96,420$173.64$461,352.71$16,742,050.61
1st July 2020CRM -, inc.3,150Open or private sale79,077$191.63$603,642.38$15,153,723.20
1st July 2020CRM -, inc.2,218Open or private sale82,227$190.76$423,111.45$15,685,836.31
1st July 2020CRM -, inc.3,804Open or private sale84,445$189.58$721,156.23$16,008,947.99
1st July 2020CRM -, inc.828Open or private sale88,249$188.62$156,176.20$16,645,402.83
22nd August 2020CRM -, inc.514Exercise of derivative79,591$0.00