Merilee Buckley, Chief Accounting Officer

ETSY 363 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Merilee Buckley is at least $56,406.57. Merilee Buckley owns over 363 units of Etsy, Inc. stock worth over $56,406.57.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.42Open or private sale363$155.39$6,526.38$56,406.57
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.356Open or private sale405$154.64$55,051.84$62,629.20
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.441Open or private sale761$153.54$67,711.14$116,843.94
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.68Open or private sale1,202$151.20$10,281.60$181,742.40
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.907Exercise of derivative1,270$19.16$17,378.12$24,333.20
2nd June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.83Open or private sale0$82.00$6,806.00$0.00
2nd June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.353Open or private sale83$81.69$28,836.57$6,780.27
2nd June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.230Open or private sale436$80.17$18,439.10$34,954.12
2nd June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.242Open or private sale666$79.45$19,226.90$52,913.70
2nd June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.908Exercise of derivative908$19.16$17,397.28$17,397.28
6th July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.291Open or private sale0$114.80$33,406.80$0.00
6th July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.256Open or private sale291$113.88$29,153.28$33,139.08
6th July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.222Open or private sale547$112.25$24,919.50$61,400.75
2nd July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2Open or private sale769$113.36$226.72$87,173.84
2nd July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.175Open or private sale771$111.50$19,512.50$85,966.50
2nd July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.731Open or private sale946$110.55$80,812.05$104,580.30
2nd July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.908Exercise of derivative1,677$19.16$17,397.28$32,131.32
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.397Payment by withholding769$111.21$44,150.37$85,520.49
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,166Exercise of derivative1,166$0.00
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.441Open or private sale0$125.92$55,530.72$0.00
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.389Open or private sale441$124.33$48,364.37$54,829.53
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.75Open or private sale830$122.40$9,180.00$101,592.00
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2Open or private sale905$121.00$242.00$109,505.00
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.907Exercise of derivative907$19.16$17,378.12$17,378.12
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2Open or private sale0$128.40$256.80$0.00
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.87Open or private sale2$126.33$10,990.71$252.66
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.482Open or private sale89$123.59$59,570.38$10,999.51
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.253Open or private sale571$122.40$30,967.20$69,890.40
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.84Open or private sale824$121.03$10,166.52$99,728.72
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.908Exercise of derivative908$19.16$17,397.28$17,397.28