Adrian Devasahayam, SVP - Product Line Development

VECO 43,221.216 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Adrian Devasahayam is at least $461,602.59. Adrian Devasahayam owns over 43,221.216 units of Veeco Instruments, Inc. stock worth over $461,602.59.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th September 2020VECO - Veeco Instruments, Inc.1,773Payment by withholding43,221.216$10.68$18,935.64$461,602.59
16th June 2020VECO - Veeco Instruments, Inc.352Payment by withholding44,022.077$12.74$4,484.48$560,841.26
15th June 2020VECO - Veeco Instruments, Inc.906Payment by withholding44,374.077$12.61$11,424.66$559,557.11
30th June 2020VECO - Veeco Instruments, Inc.1,422.139Grant/award etc.45,444.216$11.47$16,307.67$521,108.82
1st September 2020VECO - Veeco Instruments, Inc.450Payment by withholding44,994.216$11.89$5,350.50$534,981.23