Kade Ross, Chief Information Officer

BAND 9,091 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kade Ross is at least $611,733.39. Kade Ross owns over 9,091 units of Bandwidth Inc. stock worth over $611,733.39.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st March 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.220Payment by withholding9,091$67.29$14,803.80$611,733.39
31st March 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.742Exercise of derivative9,311$0.00
8th May 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.2,000Open or private sale6,091$108.09$216,177.60$658,368.88
8th May 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.1,000Open or private sale8,091$109.30$109,297.50$884,326.07
8th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.3Open or private sale5,591$114.40$343.20$639,610.40
8th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.1Open or private sale5,594$113.30$113.30$633,800.20
8th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.66Open or private sale5,595$112.45$7,421.85$629,170.62
8th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.169Open or private sale5,661$111.77$18,888.96$632,724.31
8th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.73Open or private sale5,830$110.61$8,074.70$644,869.71
8th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.157Open or private sale5,903$109.66$17,217.03$647,338.33
8th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.15Open or private sale6,060$108.11$1,621.64$655,142.36
8th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.16Open or private sale6,075$107.24$1,715.79$651,464.17
1st July 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.4Open or private sale5,612$131.50$526.01$737,992.03
1st July 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.266Open or private sale5,616$130.82$34,798.47$734,692.42
1st July 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.178Open or private sale5,882$130.13$23,163.10$765,423.48
1st July 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.35Open or private sale6,060$128.78$4,507.23$780,394.68
1st July 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.17Open or private sale6,095$127.91$2,174.50$779,622.42
30th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.220Payment by withholding6,112$127.00$27,940.00$776,224.00
30th June 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.741Exercise of derivative6,332$0.00
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.4Open or private sale5,119$156.83$627.30$802,787.17
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.13Open or private sale5,123$156.01$2,028.12$799,235.13
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.203Open or private sale5,136$154.86$31,436.01$795,346.58
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.118Open or private sale5,339$153.99$18,170.61$822,143.00
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.40Open or private sale5,457$153.07$6,122.79$835,301.90
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.19Open or private sale5,497$151.91$2,886.38$835,075.11
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.12Open or private sale5,516$150.45$1,805.36$829,865.65
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.57Open or private sale5,528$149.54$8,523.92$826,670.94
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.22Open or private sale5,585$148.56$3,268.37$829,720.45
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.2Open or private sale5,607$146.99$293.97$824,144.90
3rd August 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.3Open or private sale5,609$145.90$437.70$818,353.10
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.3Open or private sale4,612$171.28$513.85$789,958.58
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.23Open or private sale4,615$170.36$3,918.27$786,209.55
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.66Open or private sale4,638$169.69$11,199.72$787,034.74
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.32Open or private sale4,704$168.47$5,391.04$792,482.88
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.59Open or private sale4,736$167.41$9,877.38$792,868.92
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.65Open or private sale4,795$166.40$10,815.84$797,876.01
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.229Open or private sale4,860$165.25$37,842.66$803,123.75
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.12Open or private sale5,089$164.47$1,973.58$836,962.39
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.5Open or private sale5,101$162.34$811.69$828,086.14
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.1Open or private sale5,106$161.00$161.00$822,066.00
1st September 2020BAND - Bandwidth Inc.5Open or private sale5,107$158.73$793.67$810,654.54