Stephen A. Cortese

CALB 214,062 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Stephen A. Cortese is at least $1,284,372.00. Stephen A. Cortese owns over 214,062 units of California BanCorp stock worth over $1,284,372.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th September 2020CALB - California BanCorp2,520Exercise of derivative214,062$6.00$15,120.00$1,284,372.00
16th April 2020CALB - California BanCorp924Grant/award etc.189,928$12.99$12,002.76$2,467,164.72
15th June 2020CALB - California BanCorp35Open or private purchase35$14.60$511.00$511.00
6th August 2020CALB - California BanCorp889Grant/award etc.190,817$13.50$12,001.50$2,576,029.50
6th August 2020CALB - California BanCorp3,704Grant/award etc.196,373$0.00
6th August 2020CALB - California BanCorp1,852Grant/award etc.192,669$0.00
20th August 2020CALB - California BanCorp6,390Open or private purchase206,873$13.23$84,539.70$2,736,929.79
19th August 2020CALB - California BanCorp4,110Open or private purchase200,483$13.19$54,210.90$2,644,370.77
21st August 2020CALB - California BanCorp4,112Open or private purchase210,985$13.24$54,442.88$2,793,441.40
24th August 2020CALB - California BanCorp388Open or private purchase211,373$13.29$5,156.52$2,809,147.17
26th August 2020CALB - California BanCorp169Open or private purchase211,542$13.39$2,262.91$2,832,547.38