Lawrence T. Oliver, Vice President

RGCO 3,228.371 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lawrence T. Oliver is at least $74,575.37. Lawrence T. Oliver owns over 3,228.371 units of RGC Resources, Inc. stock worth over $74,575.37.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st March 2021RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.658Open or private purchase3,228.371$23.10$200.00$74,575.37
1st February 2021RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.595Open or private purchase3,219.713$23.27$200.01$74,922.72
4th January 2021RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.1,511Grant/award etc.3,197.621$23.83$36,007.13$76,199.31
4th January 2021RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.261Open or private purchase1,686.621$24.21$200.00$40,833.09
1st December 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.22Open or private purchase1,678.36$24.33$199.99$40,834.50
2nd November 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.375Open or private purchase1,670.14$23.88$200.00$39,882.94
1st October 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.522Open or private purchase1,660.588$23.47$200.01$38,974.00
15th September 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.500Open or private purchase1,652.066$24.06$12,030.00$39,748.71
15th September 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.99Open or private purchase1,152.066$24.20$2,395.80$27,880.00
14th September 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.1Open or private purchase1,053.066$23.75$23.75$25,010.32
3rd February 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.7.779Grant/award etc.495.254$25.71$200.00$12,732.98
2nd March 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.6.687Open or private purchase501.941$29.91$200.01$15,013.06
11th March 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.500Open or private purchase1,001.941$27.00$13,500.00$27,052.41
1st April 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.7.176Open or private purchase1,009.117$27.87$200.00$28,124.09
1st May 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.163Open or private purchase1,018.06$24.50$199.99$24,942.47
1st June 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.7.886Open or private purchase1,025.946$25.36$199.99$26,017.99
1st July 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.163Open or private purchase1,034.109$24.50$199.99$25,335.67
3rd August 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.518Open or private purchase1,043.627$23.48$200.00$24,504.36
1st September 2020RGCO - RGC Resources, Inc.8.439Open or private purchase1,052.066$23.70$200.00$24,933.96