Carim V Khouzami, CEO of BGE

EXC 12,874 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Carim V Khouzami is at least $558,087.90. Carim V Khouzami owns over 12,874 units of Exelon Corp. stock worth over $558,087.90.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
25th January 2021EXC - Exelon Corp.1,380Sale back to the issuer12,874$43.35$59,823.00$558,087.90
25th January 2021EXC - Exelon Corp.2,861Payment by withholding14,254$43.35$124,024.35$617,910.90
25th January 2021EXC - Exelon Corp.8,243Exercise of derivative17,115$0.00
27th January 2020EXC - Exelon Corp.2,554Sale back to the issuer15,673$47.27$120,727.58$740,862.71
27th January 2020EXC - Exelon Corp.3,758Payment by withholding18,227$47.27$177,640.66$861,590.29
27th January 2020EXC - Exelon Corp.10,977Exercise of derivative21,985$0.00
2nd September 2020EXC - Exelon Corp.6,800Open or private sale8,872$38.00$258,400.00$337,136.00