Ahmed Zaki Sabet, Chief Operating Officer

PRPO 4,728 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Ahmed Zaki Sabet is at least $10,543.44. Ahmed Zaki Sabet owns over 4,728 units of Precipio, Inc. stock worth over $10,543.44.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st December 2020PRPO - Precipio, Inc.222Open or private purchase4,728$2.23$495.06$10,543.44
2nd December 2019PRPO - Precipio, Inc.127Open or private purchase3.926$2.11$267.55$8.27
7th July 2020PRPO - Precipio, Inc.281Open or private purchase4,207$0.96$269.76$4,038.72
7th July 2020PRPO - Precipio, Inc.169Open or private purchase4,376$1.60$270.40$7,001.60
1st September 2020PRPO - Precipio, Inc.130Open or private purchase4,506$2.16$281.23$9,747.83