Amy George, Senior V.P. Human Resources

TEX 121,298 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Amy George is at least $3,232,591.70. Amy George owns over 121,298 units of Terex Corporation stock worth over $3,232,591.70.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
5th November 2020TEX - Terex Corporation121Open or private purchase121,298$26.65$3,224.65$3,232,591.70
2nd November 2020TEX - Terex Corporation4,000Open or private sale121,177$26.01$104,040.00$3,151,813.77
7th October 2020TEX - Terex Corporation131Open or private purchase125,177$24.50$3,209.50$3,066,836.50
7th October 2020TEX - Terex Corporation33Open or private purchase125,046$24.38$804.54$3,048,621.48
29th September 2020TEX - Terex Corporation145Open or private purchase125,013$19.36$2,807.20$2,420,251.68
12th December 2019TEX - Terex Corporation157Open or private purchase104,188$30.03$4,714.71$3,128,765.64
12th December 2019TEX - Terex Corporation8Open or private purchase104,031$30.04$240.32$3,125,091.24
14th January 2020TEX - Terex Corporation172Open or private purchase104,552$27.87$4,793.64$2,913,864.24
13th January 2020TEX - Terex Corporation8Open or private purchase104,380$28.25$226.00$2,948,735.00
19th February 2020TEX - Terex Corporation204Open or private purchase104,770$24.64$5,026.56$2,581,532.80
19th February 2020TEX - Terex Corporation14Open or private purchase104,566$24.79$347.06$2,592,191.14
27th February 2020TEX - Terex Corporation3,431Sale back to the issuer123,453$0.00
26th February 2020TEX - Terex Corporation7,187Grant/award etc.126,884$0.00
26th February 2020TEX - Terex Corporation7,187Grant/award etc.119,697$0.00
26th February 2020TEX - Terex Corporation7,740Grant/award etc.112,510$0.00
2nd March 2020TEX - Terex Corporation2,496Payment by withholding120,957$22.01$54,936.96$2,662,263.57
6th March 2020TEX - Terex Corporation12Open or private purchase121,234$19.07$228.84$2,311,932.38
6th March 2020TEX - Terex Corporation265Open or private purchase121,222$18.97$5,027.05$2,299,581.34
9th March 2020TEX - Terex Corporation517Payment by withholding120,717$18.85$9,745.45$2,275,515.45
12th March 2020TEX - Terex Corporation435Payment by withholding120,282$16.32$7,099.20$1,963,002.24
20th March 2020TEX - Terex Corporation9Payment by withholding120,675$13.10$117.90$1,580,842.50
8th April 2020TEX - Terex Corporation2,941Open or private purchase123,695$14.95$43,967.95$1,849,240.25
8th April 2020TEX - Terex Corporation15Open or private purchase120,754$14.99$224.85$1,810,102.46
7th May 2020TEX - Terex Corporation319Open or private purchase124,031$13.68$4,363.92$1,696,744.08
7th May 2020TEX - Terex Corporation17Open or private purchase123,712$13.64$231.88$1,687,431.68
3rd June 2020TEX - Terex Corporation223Open or private purchase124,267$18.05$4,025.15$2,243,019.35
3rd June 2020TEX - Terex Corporation13Open or private purchase124,044$17.82$231.66$2,210,464.08
8th July 2020TEX - Terex Corporation182Open or private purchase124,462$17.69$3,219.58$2,201,732.78
8th July 2020TEX - Terex Corporation13Open or private purchase124,280$17.44$226.72$2,167,443.20
5th August 2020TEX - Terex Corporation245Open or private purchase124,707$19.65$4,814.25$2,450,492.55
2nd September 2020TEX - Terex Corporation161Open or private purchase124,868$20.00$3,220.00$2,497,360.00