Bora Chung, SVP of Products

BILL 24,791 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Bora Chung is at least $2,808,934.34. Bora Chung owns over 24,791 units of Holdings, Inc. stock worth over $2,808,934.34.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
22nd October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.1,300Open or private sale24,791$113.30$147,295.98$2,808,934.34
22nd October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.1,204Open or private sale26,091$112.34$135,257.48$2,931,065.55
22nd October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.2,200Open or private sale27,295$111.14$244,499.20$3,033,457.12
22nd October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.13,869Open or private sale29,495$110.19$1,528,233.43$3,250,071.75
22nd October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,927Open or private sale43,364$109.15$428,646.97$4,733,345.38
22nd October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.22,500Exercise of derivative47,291$8.76$197,100.00$414,269.16
30th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.600Open or private sale24,791$102.65$61,587.00$2,544,672.20
30th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.6,723Open or private sale25,391$101.79$684,323.41$2,584,509.26
30th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.11,678Open or private sale32,114$100.82$1,177,373.62$3,237,727.06
30th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,499Open or private sale43,792$100.10$350,236.25$4,383,408.41
30th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.22,500Exercise of derivative47,291$8.76$197,100.00$414,269.16
16th June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.2,199Open or private sale0$77.87$171,230.85$0.00
16th June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.5,913Open or private sale2,199$77.13$456,098.07$169,619.43
16th June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,888Open or private sale8,112$76.24$296,428.12$618,473.48
16th June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.12,000Exercise of derivative12,000$8.76$105,120.00$105,120.00
23rd June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,000Open or private sale0$88.00$264,000.00$0.00
23rd June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,000Exercise of derivative3,000$8.76$26,280.00$26,280.00
16th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.2,915Open or private sale0$81.58$237,800.45$0.00
16th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.8,072Open or private sale2,915$80.95$653,409.83$235,962.55
16th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.5,448Open or private sale10,987$79.80$434,729.70$876,720.85
16th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.1,565Open or private sale16,435$78.55$122,929.65$1,290,957.75
16th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.18,000Exercise of derivative18,000$8.76$157,680.00$157,680.00
20th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.4,500Open or private sale0$88.00$396,000.00$0.00
20th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.4,500Exercise of derivative4,500$8.76$39,420.00$39,420.00
26th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.1,914Open or private sale1,203$104.12$199,286.45$125,256.84
26th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.8,661Open or private sale3,117$103.30$894,661.38$321,978.93
26th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.6,720Open or private sale11,778$102.48$688,673.66$1,207,023.57
26th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.1,000Open or private sale18,498$101.35$101,348.40$1,874,742.70
26th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.2,345Open or private sale19,498$99.92$234,318.50$1,948,290.85
26th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.1,360Open or private sale21,843$99.07$134,734.25$2,163,970.72
26th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.500Open or private sale23,203$97.69$48,843.00$2,266,608.26
26th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.22,500Exercise of derivative23,703$8.76$197,100.00$207,638.28
31st August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.804Open or private sale1,961$97.56$78,438.24$191,315.16
28th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.1,562Exercise of derivative2,765$0.00
2nd September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.22,830Exercise of derivative24,791$8.76$199,990.80$217,169.16