Rene A. Lacerte, President and CEO

BILL 4,781 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Rene A. Lacerte is at least $568,652.14. Rene A. Lacerte owns over 4,781 units of Holdings, Inc. stock worth over $568,652.14.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.5Open or private sale4,781$118.94$594.70$568,652.14
15th October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.2,731Open or private sale4,786$118.30$323,069.38$566,169.92
15th October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.2,536Open or private sale7,517$117.36$297,631.81$882,215.42
15th October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.4,728Open or private sale10,053$116.25$549,625.27$1,168,651.20
15th October 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative14,781$2.38$23,800.00$35,178.78
15th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.700Open or private sale4,781$89.87$62,908.02$429,661.78
15th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.2,192Open or private sale5,481$88.74$194,508.22$486,359.28
15th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,227Open or private sale7,673$87.85$283,483.88$674,053.87
15th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,881Open or private sale10,900$86.81$336,926.69$946,276.96
15th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative14,781$2.38$23,800.00$35,178.78
11th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.75,000Bona fide gift175,000$0.00
11th September 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.150,000Bona fide gift2,389,999$0.00
28th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,165Open or private sale2,539,999$70.92$224,461.48$180,136,475.08
28th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.4,600Open or private sale2,543,164$69.91$321,579.56$177,789,034.81
28th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.10,903Open or private sale2,547,764$69.08$753,180.33$175,999,791.90
28th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.7,176Open or private sale2,558,667$68.10$488,669.81$174,239,593.63
28th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.4,400Open or private sale2,565,843$67.23$295,803.20$172,496,493.20
28th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,703Open or private sale2,570,243$66.03$244,497.24$169,704,920.51
28th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.4,216Open or private sale2,573,946$65.05$274,260.08$167,440,849.98
28th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.69Open or private sale0$65.90$4,547.10$0.00
28th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.69Exercise of derivative69$2.38$164.22$164.22
27th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,400Open or private sale2,578,162$65.00$221,014.96$167,591,873.91
27th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.91,383Open or private sale2,581,562$64.07$5,854,570.69$165,391,125.56
27th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.64,536Open or private sale2,672,945$63.26$4,082,747.42$169,098,786.83
27th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.57,481Open or private sale2,737,481$62.47$3,591,067.99$171,021,387.99
27th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.8,981Open or private sale0$65.07$584,388.28$0.00
27th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.8,981Exercise of derivative8,981$2.38$21,374.78$21,374.78
26th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.1,100Open or private sale2,794,962$66.89$73,576.03$186,947,461.78
26th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.11,650Open or private sale2,796,062$66.21$771,363.98$185,131,459.11
26th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.41,981Open or private sale2,807,712$64.94$2,726,216.75$182,330,851.88
26th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.20,306Open or private sale2,849,693$64.39$1,307,420.09$183,480,048.53
26th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.1,700Open or private sale0$66.90$113,723.03$0.00
26th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.11,994Open or private sale1,700$66.20$794,057.97$112,547.82
26th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.36,472Open or private sale13,694$64.95$2,368,911.11$889,445.84
26th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.20,784Open or private sale50,166$64.29$1,336,192.97$3,225,147.06
26th May 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.70,950Exercise of derivative70,950$2.38$168,861.00$168,861.00
11th June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.2,299Open or private sale0$76.16$175,101.73$0.00
11th June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.22,501Open or private sale2,299$75.22$1,692,635.47$172,942.05
11th June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.24,800Exercise of derivative24,800$2.38$59,024.00$59,024.00
10th June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.5,200Open or private sale0$75.10$390,513.24$0.00
10th June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.5,200Exercise of derivative5,200$2.38$12,376.00$12,376.00
23rd June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.5,310Open or private sale0$85.49$453,939.16$0.00
23rd June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.5,310Exercise of derivative5,310$2.38$12,637.80$12,637.80
22nd June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.24,690Open or private sale0$85.19$2,103,365.79$0.00
22nd June 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.24,690Exercise of derivative24,690$2.38$58,762.20$58,762.20
15th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.877Open or private sale0$83.96$73,630.29$0.00
15th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.6,504Open or private sale877$83.30$541,779.30$73,053.57
15th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.2,619Open or private sale7,381$82.49$216,028.74$608,823.26
15th July 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative10,000$2.38$23,800.00$23,800.00
14th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.100Open or private sale0$88.43$8,843.00$0.00
14th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.587Open or private sale100$87.65$51,449.32$8,764.79
14th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.3,467Open or private sale687$86.50$299,886.83$59,423.78
14th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.5,846Open or private sale4,154$85.75$501,267.02$356,185.98
14th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative10,000$2.38$23,800.00$23,800.00
31st August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.5,219Open or private sale4,781$97.56$509,165.64$466,434.36
28th August 2020BILL - Holdings, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative10,000$0.00