Lisa Greenbaum, EVP, Chief Client Officer

PGNY 5,044 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lisa Greenbaum is at least $151,471.32. Lisa Greenbaum owns over 5,044 units of Progyny, Inc. stock worth over $151,471.32.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.1,772Open or private sale5,044$30.03$53,213.16$151,471.32
30th September 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.2,228Payment by withholding6,816$30.04$66,929.12$204,752.64
30th September 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative9,044$3.96$15,840.00$35,814.24
24th September 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.869Open or private sale5,044$26.77$23,263.13$135,027.88
24th September 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.1,131Payment by withholding5,913$26.73$30,231.63$158,054.49
24th September 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.2,000Exercise of derivative7,044$3.96$7,920.00$27,894.24
24th July 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.9,005Open or private sale5,044$26.95$242,684.75$135,935.80
24th July 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.6,995Payment by withholding14,049$26.79$187,396.05$376,372.71
24th July 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.16,000Exercise of derivative21,044$3.96$63,360.00$83,334.24
9th March 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.3,500Grant/award etc.3,500$0.00
11th August 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.2,293Open or private sale5,044$29.98$68,744.14$151,219.12
11th August 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.1,707Payment by withholding5,793$30.00$51,210.00$173,790.00
11th August 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative7,500$3.96$15,840.00$29,700.00
24th August 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.3,438Open or private sale5,044$30.12$103,552.56$151,925.28
24th August 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.2,562Payment by withholding8,482$29.95$76,731.90$254,035.90
24th August 2020PGNY - Progyny, Inc.6,000Exercise of derivative11,044$3.96$23,760.00$43,734.24