Patrick Mercer, COO

IRIX 34,520 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Patrick Mercer is at least $67,659.20. Patrick Mercer owns over 34,520 units of IRIDEX Corporation stock worth over $67,659.20.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation72Payment by withholding34,520$1.96$141.12$67,659.20
22nd October 2019IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation12,667Grant/award etc.22,667$0.00
30th November 2019IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation71Payment by withholding21,732$2.19$155.49$47,593.08
30th October 2019IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation864Payment by withholding21,803$1.89$1,632.96$41,207.67
30th December 2019IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation72Payment by withholding21,660$2.29$164.88$49,601.40
30th January 2019IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation85Payment by withholding21,575$2.67$226.95$57,605.25
29th February 2020IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation85Payment by withholding21,490$2.83$240.55$60,816.70
30th April 2020IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation70Payment by withholding21,335$1.75$122.50$37,336.25
30th May 2020IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation70Payment by withholding21,265$1.80$126.00$38,277.00
1st July 2020IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation1,459Payment by withholding19,734$2.12$3,093.08$41,836.08
30th June 2020IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation72Payment by withholding21,193$2.12$152.64$44,929.16
30th July 2020IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation71Payment by withholding19,663$2.11$149.81$41,488.93
30th August 2020IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation71Payment by withholding19,592$2.12$150.52$41,535.04
3rd September 2020IRIX - IRIDEX Corporation15,000Grant/award etc.34,592$0.00