Simon Edward Smith, EVP, Dealer Solutions

TRUE 251,459 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Simon Edward Smith is at least $1,189,401.07. Simon Edward Smith owns over 251,459 units of TrueCar, Inc. stock worth over $1,189,401.07.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th October 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.1,088Payment by withholding251,459$4.73$5,146.24$1,189,401.07
15th August 2019TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.592Payment by withholding142,717$3.79$2,243.68$540,897.43
15th September 2019TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.2,190Payment by withholding140,527$4.33$9,482.70$608,481.91
1st October 2019TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.4,674Open or private sale135,853$3.38$15,786.44$458,843.51
15th October 2019TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.1,172Payment by withholding134,681$3.26$3,820.72$439,060.06
15th November 2019TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.836Payment by withholding133,845$4.50$3,762.00$602,302.50
15th December 2019TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.2,042Payment by withholding131,803$5.05$10,312.10$665,605.15
2nd January 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.4,618Open or private sale127,185$4.85$22,379.29$616,351.23
15th January 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.1,255Payment by withholding125,930$4.05$5,082.75$510,016.50
15th February 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.965Payment by withholding124,965$3.74$3,609.10$467,369.10
16th March 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.70,000Grant/award etc.317,992$0.00
16th March 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.125,000Grant/award etc.247,992$0.00
15th March 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.1,973Payment by withholding122,992$2.68$5,287.64$329,618.56
1st April 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.3,943Open or private sale314,049$2.24$8,850.85$704,945.79
15th April 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.1,088Payment by withholding312,961$2.23$2,426.24$697,903.03
15th May 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.5,526Payment by withholding307,435$2.28$12,599.28$700,951.80
15th June 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.1,704Payment by withholding305,731$2.96$5,043.84$904,963.76
1st July 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.3,457Open or private sale302,274$2.60$8,995.46$786,547.18
15th July 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.1,088Payment by withholding301,186$2.78$3,024.64$837,297.08
15th August 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.7,526Payment by withholding293,660$5.12$38,533.12$1,503,539.20
31st August 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.10,000Open or private sale263,660$4.77$47,696.00$1,257,552.74
28th August 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.10,000Open or private sale273,660$4.94$49,423.00$1,352,509.82
27th August 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.10,000Open or private sale283,660$4.84$48,383.00$1,372,432.18
1st September 2020TRUE - TrueCar, Inc.10,000Open or private sale253,660$4.80$47,984.00$1,217,162.14