Stephen R Palmer, Vice President of Accounting

CVNA 8,846 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Stephen R Palmer is at least $812,505.10. Stephen R Palmer owns over 8,846 units of Carvana Co. stock worth over $812,505.10.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st June 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.722Payment by withholding8,846$91.85$66,315.70$812,505.10
1st July 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.59Payment by withholding8,787$125.38$7,397.42$1,101,714.06
1st August 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.59Payment by withholding8,728$154.95$9,142.05$1,352,403.60
1st September 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.59Payment by withholding8,669$227.19$13,404.21$1,969,510.11