Bernd Greifeneder, SVP, Chief Technology Officer

DT 913,327 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Bernd Greifeneder is at least $13,829,962.76. Bernd Greifeneder owns over 913,327 units of Dynatrace, Inc. stock worth over $13,829,962.76.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st July 2019DT - Dynatrace, Inc.36,000Grant/award etc.1,236,000$0.00
5th August 2019DT - Dynatrace, Inc.322,673Open or private sale913,327$15.14$4,886,043.64$13,829,962.76
15th May 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.40,400Grant/award etc.953,727$0.00
20th May 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.50,000Open or private sale903,727$37.83$1,891,500.00$34,187,992.41
17th August 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.4,616Open or private sale899,111$36.38$167,913.00$32,706,331.47
1st September 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.50,000Open or private sale849,111$45.32$2,266,000.00$38,481,710.52