Elaine Gangeri, Chief Acc Officer, Asst Sect

PDVW 21,344 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Elaine Gangeri is at least $896,234.56. Elaine Gangeri owns over 21,344 units of pdvWireless, Inc. stock worth over $896,234.56.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
19th August 2019PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.732Payment by withholding21,344$41.99$30,736.68$896,234.56
30th July 2019PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.6,250Grant/award etc.22,076$0.00
16th December 2019PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.517Payment by withholding20,827$40.31$20,840.27$839,536.37
21st February 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.492Payment by withholding20,335$49.43$24,319.56$1,005,159.05
6th May 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.9,622Grant/award etc.29,957$0.00
26th May 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.1,801Grant/award etc.31,758$0.00
4th June 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.1,197Open or private sale29,957$54.32$65,018.05$1,627,189.35
2nd June 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.604Open or private sale31,154$52.76$31,869.34$1,643,803.43
25th August 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.1,641Open or private sale28,316$44.80$73,518.93$1,268,593.61