Christopher Koeppen, Chief Technology Officer

IIVI 9,003 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Christopher Koeppen is at least $334,551.48. Christopher Koeppen owns over 9,003 units of II-VI, Inc. stock worth over $334,551.48.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
13th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.500Open or private sale9,003$37.16$18,580.00$334,551.48
13th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.500Exercise of derivative9,503$25.91$12,955.00$246,222.73
18th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.64Payment by withholding8,939$38.26$2,448.64$342,006.14
20th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.725Payment by withholding10,510$39.24$28,449.00$412,412.40
20th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.2,296Grant/award etc.11,235$0.00
28th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.53Payment by withholding15,380$36.28$1,922.84$557,986.40
28th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.4,923Grant/award etc.15,433$0.00
2nd January 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.500Open or private sale15,380$35.00$17,500.00$538,300.00
2nd January 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.500Exercise of derivative15,880$25.91$12,955.00$411,450.80
19th February 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.500Open or private sale15,380$36.10$18,050.00$555,218.00
19th February 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.500Exercise of derivative15,880$25.91$12,955.00$411,450.80
20th May 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.500Open or private sale14,332$46.03$23,015.00$659,701.96
20th May 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.500Exercise of derivative14,832$18.93$9,465.00$280,769.76
19th May 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.600Open or private sale14,332$45.92$27,552.54$658,138.34
19th May 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.448Open or private sale14,932$45.70$20,473.60$682,392.40
19th May 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.1,200Open or private sale15,380$45.77$54,920.04$703,891.85
19th May 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.1,200Exercise of derivative16,580$25.91$31,092.00$429,587.80
5th June 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.700Open or private sale14,332$49.00$34,300.00$702,268.00
5th June 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.700Exercise of derivative15,032$18.93$13,251.00$284,555.76
18th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.601Payment by withholding16,505$46.21$27,772.21$762,696.05
18th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.1,872Grant/award etc.17,106$0.00
28th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.521Payment by withholding26,853$42.28$22,027.88$1,135,344.84
28th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.10,869Grant/award etc.27,374$0.00