Lp Bleichroeder

IOSA 498,258 shares
DRRX 26,704,044 shares
IVAC 4,949,355 shares
INVE 2,066,339 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lp Bleichroeder is at least $77,346,937.20. Lp Bleichroeder owns over 498,258 units of INFORMATION SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES, INC. stock worth over $2,977,091.55.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th February 2020IOSA - INFORMATION SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES, INC.100Open or private purchase498,258$5.98$597.50$2,977,091.55
13th February 2020IOSA - INFORMATION SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES, INC.1,200Open or private purchase498,158$5.98$7,174.44$2,978,337.23
13th February 2020IOSA - INFORMATION SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES, INC.166,600Open or private purchase496,958$6.00$999,600.00$2,981,748.00
6th February 2020DRRX - DURECT Corp.75,000Open or private purchase26,704,044$1.65$123,622.50$44,016,275.73
5th February 2020DRRX - DURECT Corp.74,998Open or private purchase26,629,044$1.69$126,776.62$45,013,735.98
4th February 2020DRRX - DURECT Corp.77,500Open or private purchase26,554,046$1.70$131,509.75$45,059,560.66
27th March 2020IVAC - Intevac, Inc.10,325Open or private sale4,949,355$4.09$42,199.31$20,228,508.82
26th March 2020IVAC - Intevac, Inc.17,175Open or private sale4,959,680$4.40$75,540.80$21,814,160.54
5th February 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.10,113Open or private purchase2,066,339$4.90$49,553.70$10,125,061.10
4th February 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.8,222Open or private purchase2,056,226$4.83$39,712.26$9,931,571.58
4th February 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.13,111Open or private purchase2,048,004$4.99$65,423.89$10,219,539.96
3rd February 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.110,000Open or private purchase2,034,893$4.87$535,700.00$9,909,928.91
3rd February 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.36,889Open or private purchase1,924,893$4.99$184,076.11$9,605,216.07
24th February 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.16,213Open or private purchase2,089,488$4.79$77,579.21$9,998,200.08
21st February 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.1,100Open or private purchase2,073,275$4.99$5,487.46$10,342,739.67
20th February 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.5,836Open or private purchase2,072,175$4.95$28,875.94$10,252,914.68
3rd March 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.5,501Open or private purchase2,114,989$4.13$22,694.38$8,725,387.12
3rd March 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.6,688Open or private purchase2,109,488$4.46$29,819.79$9,405,574.15
2nd March 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.13,212Open or private purchase2,102,800$4.48$59,239.97$9,428,534.64
28th February 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.100Open or private purchase2,089,588$4.48$448.00$9,361,354.24
18th March 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.34,066Open or private purchase2,196,389$2.34$79,785.98$5,144,162.68
17th March 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.18,334Open or private purchase2,162,323$2.55$46,720.53$5,510,247.70
16th March 2020INVE - Identiv, Inc.29,000Open or private purchase2,143,989$2.55$73,831.10$5,458,381.60
26th May 2020DRRX - DURECT Corp.39,388Open or private sale26,664,656$2.50$98,525.14$66,698,970.52
1st September 2020DRRX - DURECT Corp.250,000Open or private sale26,414,656$1.68$420,000.00$44,376,622.08