Timothy L Duitsman, President & CEO

WSTL 152,500 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Timothy L Duitsman is at least $143,807.50. Timothy L Duitsman owns over 152,500 units of Westell Technologies, Inc. stock worth over $143,807.50.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th June 2019WSTL - Westell Technologies, Inc.2,500Grant/award etc.2,500$0.00
1st September 2019WSTL - Westell Technologies, Inc.100,000Grant/award etc.102,500$0.00
26th November 2019WSTL - Westell Technologies, Inc.5,500Open or private purchase152,500$0.94$5,186.50$143,807.50
25th November 2019WSTL - Westell Technologies, Inc.44,500Open or private purchase147,000$0.90$39,965.45$132,020.70
1st April 2020WSTL - Westell Technologies, Inc.102,040Grant/award etc.254,540$0.00
26th August 2020WSTL - Westell Technologies, Inc.4,599Grant/award etc.265,241$1.07$4,938.41$284,815.79
25th August 2020WSTL - Westell Technologies, Inc.6,102Grant/award etc.260,642$1.06$6,486.43$277,062.45
27th August 2020WSTL - Westell Technologies, Inc.12,299Open or private purchase277,540$1.07$13,148.86$296,718.01