Satish Mehta, Chief Technology Officer

CHWY 66,411 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Satish Mehta is at least $1,891,385.28. Satish Mehta owns over 66,411 units of Chewy, Inc. stock worth over $1,891,385.28.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.1,075,439Grant/award etc.1,075,439$0.00
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.119,493Grant/award etc.119,493$0.00
19th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.26,332Open or private sale66,411$28.48$749,935.36$1,891,385.28
18th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.26,750Open or private sale92,743$28.04$749,936.25$2,600,050.01
6th January 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.50,000Open or private sale16,411$29.01$1,450,550.00$476,099.52
15th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.29,236Open or private sale119,364$47.64$1,392,803.04$5,686,500.96
17th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.30,574Open or private sale193,489$48.75$1,490,543.65$9,432,975.73
16th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.31,971Open or private sale155,728$46.62$1,490,519.99$7,260,195.09
18th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.30,953Open or private sale162,536$48.15$1,490,510.76$7,826,758.54
24th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.11,400Open or private sale140,617$50.18$572,086.20$7,056,582.91
24th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.10,519Open or private sale152,017$49.67$522,468.21$7,550,532.37
15th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.21,919Open or private sale118,698$47.26$1,035,891.94$5,609,667.48
5th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.21,919Open or private sale96,779$57.67$1,264,068.73$5,581,244.93
26th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.21,919Open or private sale74,860$56.94$1,248,067.86$4,262,528.40