La Bastide Lore De, SVP, Utility Shared Services

ED 699.193 shares

The estimated Net Worth of La Bastide Lore De is at least $54,397.22. La Bastide Lore De owns over 699.193 units of Consolidated Edison, Inc. stock worth over $54,397.22.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.11.746Open or private purchase699.193$77.80$913.84$54,397.22
30th June 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.9.28Open or private purchase605.919$88.44$820.72$53,587.48
31st July 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.3.816Open or private purchase609.735$87.35$333.33$53,260.35
31st August 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.3.829Open or private purchase613.564$87.05$333.31$53,410.75
30th September 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.9.206Open or private purchase622.77$90.66$834.62$56,460.33
31st October 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.3.586Open or private purchase626.356$92.97$333.39$58,232.32
30th November 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.3.826Open or private purchase630.182$87.13$333.36$54,907.76
31st December 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.9.653Open or private purchase639.835$87.88$848.31$56,228.70
31st January 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.3.693Open or private purchase643.528$90.26$333.33$58,084.84
19th February 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.2,251Sale back to the issuer643.528$94.35$212,381.85$60,716.87
19th February 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.2,251Exercise of derivative2,894.528$0.00
29th February 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.3.582Open or private purchase647.11$93.14$333.63$60,271.83
31st March 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.10.739Open or private purchase657.849$82.01$880.71$53,950.20
30th April 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.4.038Open or private purchase661.887$82.62$333.62$54,685.10
31st May 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.4.57Open or private purchase666.457$72.95$333.38$48,618.04
30th June 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.11.976Open or private purchase678.433$74.81$895.92$50,753.57
31st July 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.4.5Open or private purchase682.933$74.08$333.36$50,591.68
31st August 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.4.514Open or private purchase687.447$73.84$333.31$50,761.09