Sumit Singh, Chief Executive Officer

CHWY 11,000 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Sumit Singh is at least $242,000.00. Sumit Singh owns over 11,000 units of Chewy, Inc. stock worth over $242,000.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.2,987,331Grant/award etc.2,987,331$0.00
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.995,777Grant/award etc.995,777$0.00
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.11,000Open or private purchase11,000$22.00$242,000.00$242,000.00
19th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.192,831Open or private sale618,058$28.48$5,491,826.88$17,602,291.84
18th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.195,888Open or private sale810,889$28.04$5,491,720.08$22,733,273.12
30th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.8,786Payment by withholding23,079$25.50$224,043.00$588,514.50
31st December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.125,000Open or private sale493,058$28.47$3,558,125.00$14,034,895.97
2nd January 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.100,000Open or private sale193,058$29.43$2,943,300.00$5,682,276.11
2nd January 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.100,000Open or private sale293,058$29.33$2,932,700.00$8,594,511.97
2nd January 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.100,000Open or private sale393,058$29.51$2,951,000.00$11,599,141.58
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.1,675Open or private sale0$39.93$66,884.42$0.00
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.13,348Open or private sale1,675$39.22$523,441.82$65,685.13
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.8,056Open or private sale15,023$38.32$308,738.14$575,741.45
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.839Open or private sale11,000$40.01$33,565.03$440,066.00
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.39,557Open or private sale11,839$39.35$1,556,528.39$465,852.81
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.21,662Open or private sale51,396$38.49$833,770.38$1,978,232.04
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.5,049Open or private sale73,058$39.92$201,556.08$2,916,475.36
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.33,728Open or private sale78,107$39.22$1,322,744.70$3,063,200.33
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.21,223Open or private sale111,835$38.33$813,498.81$4,286,747.39
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.4,900Open or private sale133,058$39.92$195,627.60$5,312,207.59
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.33,440Open or private sale137,958$39.23$1,311,717.44$5,411,540.51
11th May 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.21,660Open or private sale171,398$38.33$830,206.14$6,569,513.94
15th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.4,684Open or private sale30,568$47.64$223,145.76$1,456,259.52
15th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.72,055Open or private sale306,139$47.64$3,432,700.20$14,584,461.96
17th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.7,235Open or private sale52,212$48.75$352,720.72$2,545,439.42
17th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.75,351Open or private sale531,630$48.75$3,673,511.95$25,918,025.76
16th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.7,565Open or private sale41,225$46.62$352,687.87$1,921,950.73
16th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.78,796Open or private sale417,162$46.62$3,673,548.32$19,448,509.60
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.4,200Open or private sale0$50.73$213,057.60$0.00
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.13,750Open or private sale4,200$50.14$689,425.00$210,588.00
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.17,682Open or private sale17,950$49.13$868,628.25$881,793.75
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.9,256Open or private sale35,632$47.97$443,973.30$1,709,124.51
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.5,084Open or private sale260,343$50.76$258,058.76$13,214,750.34
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.19,130Open or private sale265,427$50.23$960,957.29$13,333,194.49
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.27,254Open or private sale284,557$49.17$1,339,942.91$13,990,244.91
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.13,532Open or private sale311,811$48.00$649,468.34$14,965,368.94
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.1,400Open or private sale325,343$50.87$71,211.00$16,548,571.70
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.22,014Open or private sale326,743$50.33$1,107,876.56$16,443,668.22
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.27,194Open or private sale348,757$49.18$1,337,373.73$17,151,520.50
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.14,392Open or private sale375,951$48.03$691,262.15$18,057,302.48
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.300Open or private sale390,343$51.08$15,324.00$19,938,720.44
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.23,288Open or private sale390,643$50.36$1,172,690.53$19,671,218.91
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.27,311Open or private sale413,931$49.18$1,343,209.60$20,357,954.44
19th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.14,101Open or private sale441,242$48.01$676,946.71$21,182,704.69
18th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.7,324Open or private sale44,888$48.15$352,679.90$2,161,536.75
18th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.76,287Open or private sale455,343$48.15$3,673,524.20$21,926,586.82
21st August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.69,390Open or private sale160,343$56.67$3,932,470.08$9,086,958.50
21st August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.30,610Open or private sale229,733$56.02$1,714,772.20$12,869,642.66
8th September 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.5,825Open or private sale90,343$63.03$367,173.05$5,694,680.66
8th September 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.30,021Open or private sale96,168$62.08$1,863,613.62$5,969,820.94
8th September 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.31,766Open or private sale126,189$61.15$1,942,554.43$7,716,709.73
8th September 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.2,388Open or private sale157,955$60.25$143,867.45$9,516,156.93
9th September 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.1,963Open or private sale11,000$64.76$127,119.95$712,338.00
9th September 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.14,784Open or private sale12,963$63.80$943,263.55$827,078.29
9th September 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.35,917Open or private sale27,747$62.73$2,253,109.33$1,740,597.06
9th September 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.26,679Open or private sale63,664$61.77$1,648,015.19$3,932,652.61