Mario Jesus Marte, Chief Financial Officer

CHWY 35,558 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Mario Jesus Marte is at least $3,570,023.20. Mario Jesus Marte owns over 35,558 units of Chewy, Inc. stock worth over $3,570,023.20.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
27th January 2021CHWY - Chewy, Inc.17,134Open or private sale35,558$100.40$1,720,253.60$3,570,023.20
6th January 2021CHWY - Chewy, Inc.17,134Open or private sale52,692$90.91$1,557,651.94$4,790,229.72
30th December 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.1,200Bona fide gift69,826$0.00
21st December 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.45,692Open or private sale71,026$100.40$4,587,476.80$7,131,010.40
15th December 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.32,084Open or private sale116,718$85.81$2,753,256.38$10,016,038.45
14th December 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.32,927Open or private sale148,802$83.62$2,753,256.96$12,442,376.83
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.1,433,919Grant/award etc.1,433,919$0.00
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.159,324Grant/award etc.159,324$0.00
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.15,000Open or private purchase15,000$22.00$330,000.00$330,000.00
19th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.7,150Open or private sale82,489$28.70$205,205.00$2,367,434.30
19th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.25,000Open or private sale89,639$28.60$715,000.00$2,563,675.40
19th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.30,854Open or private sale114,639$28.48$878,721.92$3,264,918.72
18th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.28,831Open or private sale145,493$28.04$808,277.09$4,078,896.26
26th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.20,000Open or private sale42,489$29.50$590,000.00$1,253,425.50
26th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.20,000Open or private sale62,489$29.35$587,040.00$1,834,177.13
13th January 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.25,000Open or private sale17,489$30.81$770,125.00$538,748.65
15th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.34,288Open or private sale159,456$47.64$1,633,480.32$7,596,483.84
17th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.36,168Open or private sale267,689$48.75$1,763,262.34$13,050,374.13
16th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.37,823Open or private sale212,745$46.62$1,763,346.08$9,918,384.65
18th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.36,618Open or private sale231,071$48.15$1,763,303.17$11,126,992.93
24th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.6,809Open or private sale216,071$50.21$341,852.65$10,848,060.63
24th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.8,191Open or private sale222,880$49.71$407,133.65$11,078,250.40
1st July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.1,500Open or private sale184,034$47.04$70,560.00$8,656,959.36
1st July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.13,750Open or private sale185,534$46.22$635,525.00$8,575,381.48
1st July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.16,787Open or private sale199,284$45.36$761,424.75$9,039,123.67
22nd July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.9,151Open or private sale151,997$48.87$447,172.77$7,427,485.40
22nd July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.22,886Open or private sale161,148$48.52$1,110,360.06$7,818,417.52
4th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.200Open or private sale66,564$59.17$11,834.00$3,938,591.88
4th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.27,608Open or private sale66,764$58.34$1,610,733.54$3,895,212.05
4th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.49,925Open or private sale94,372$57.84$2,887,662.00$5,458,476.48
4th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.7,700Open or private sale144,297$56.57$435,589.00$8,162,881.29
12th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.11,743Open or private sale34,527$53.04$622,872.21$1,831,381.13
12th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.8,686Open or private sale46,270$52.30$454,277.80$2,419,921.00
12th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.11,608Open or private sale54,956$51.56$598,462.05$2,833,311.54
2nd September 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.32,038Open or private sale2,489$71.29$2,283,989.02$177,440.81