Susan Helfrick, General Counsel

CHWY 90,000 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Susan Helfrick is at least $1,980,000.00. Susan Helfrick owns over 90,000 units of Chewy, Inc. stock worth over $1,980,000.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.716,960Grant/award etc.716,960$0.00
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.79,662Grant/award etc.79,662$0.00
18th June 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.90,000Open or private purchase90,000$22.00$1,980,000.00$1,980,000.00
19th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.24,160Open or private sale114,403$28.18$680,852.96$3,223,990.94
19th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.15,428Open or private sale138,563$28.48$439,389.44$3,946,274.24
18th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.15,671Open or private sale153,991$28.04$439,336.49$4,317,137.69
20th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.12,201Open or private sale90,000$29.05$354,390.25$2,614,140.00
20th December 2019CHWY - Chewy, Inc.12,202Open or private sale102,201$29.35$358,177.51$3,000,008.15
15th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.17,295Open or private sale70,833$47.64$823,933.80$3,374,484.12
15th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.10,000Open or private sale88,128$48.11$481,100.00$4,239,838.08
17th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.18,085Open or private sale124,948$48.75$881,679.92$6,091,464.90
16th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.18,912Open or private sale97,477$46.62$881,696.35$4,544,475.22
18th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.18,309Open or private sale106,639$48.15$881,651.59$5,135,094.41
26th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.3,300Open or private sale50,000$50.12$165,396.00$2,506,000.00
26th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.5,110Open or private sale53,300$49.23$251,565.30$2,623,959.00
26th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.10,611Open or private sale58,410$48.38$513,360.18$2,825,875.80
26th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.10,979Open or private sale69,021$47.37$520,075.23$3,269,524.77
26th June 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.17,062Open or private sale89,577$49.38$842,521.56$4,423,312.26
10th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.200Open or private sale30,000$51.77$10,354.00$1,553,100.00
10th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.2,750Open or private sale30,200$50.59$139,122.50$1,527,818.00
10th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.4,811Open or private sale32,950$49.32$237,278.52$1,625,094.00
10th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.12,239Open or private sale37,761$48.06$588,206.34$1,814,793.66
10th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.132Open or private sale72,515$51.75$6,831.00$3,752,651.25
10th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.2,400Open or private sale72,647$50.69$121,665.60$3,682,767.02
10th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.3,438Open or private sale75,047$49.36$169,682.49$3,703,944.68
10th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.11,092Open or private sale78,485$48.63$539,359.59$3,816,411.61
24th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.1,500Open or private sale20,000$46.44$69,655.50$928,740.00
24th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.8,500Open or private sale21,500$45.96$390,660.00$988,140.00
24th July 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.17,062Open or private sale55,453$46.05$785,705.10$2,553,610.65
4th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.2,790Open or private sale34,125$58.65$163,641.87$2,001,533.63
4th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.16,438Open or private sale36,915$57.93$952,171.15$2,138,301.38
4th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.2,100Open or private sale53,353$56.58$118,822.20$3,018,819.45
7th August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.17,062Open or private sale17,063$56.54$964,685.48$964,742.02
21st August 2020CHWY - Chewy, Inc.17,063Open or private sale0$57.10$974,297.30$0.00