Aaron Buettner, SVP, Bunge Loders Croklaan

BG 12,273.288 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Aaron Buettner is at least $726,333.18. Aaron Buettner owns over 12,273.288 units of Bunge Ltd. stock worth over $726,333.18.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd December 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.74Grant/award etc.12,273.288$59.18$4,379.32$726,333.18
3rd June 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.60Grant/award etc.8,046$53.28$3,196.80$428,690.88
3rd September 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.61Grant/award etc.8,107$53.08$3,237.88$430,319.56
2nd December 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.61Grant/award etc.8,168$53.61$3,270.21$437,886.48
28th February 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.240Payment by withholding7,928$46.60$11,183.40$369,424.98
2nd March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.3Payment by withholding7,993$48.13$144.38$384,683.11
2nd March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.68Grant/award etc.7,996$48.13$3,272.50$384,807.50
8th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.267Payment by withholding7,726$46.71$12,471.57$360,881.46
10th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.4,500Grant/award etc.12,226$0.00
12th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.303Payment by withholding11,923$36.32$11,004.96$433,043.36
1st June 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.110Grant/award etc.12,033$39.25$4,317.19$472,261.56
1st September 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.96Grant/award etc.12,199.288$45.55$4,372.32$555,616.57