Eyal Lalo

EVLV 1,390,394 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Eyal Lalo is at least $1,390.39. Eyal Lalo owns over 1,390,394 units of EVINE Live, Inc. stock worth over $1,390.39.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th September 2020EVLV - EVINE Live, Inc.41,024Exercise of in-the-money or at-the-money derivatives securities (usually options)1,390,394$0.00$41.02$1,390.39
2nd May 2019EVLV - EVINE Live, Inc.4,000,000Open or private purchase4,000,000$0.75$3,000,000.00$3,000,000.00
2nd May 2019EVLV - EVINE Live, Inc.20,436Grant/award etc.20,436$0.00
12th July 2019EVLV - EVINE Live, Inc.75,581Grant/award etc.96,017$0.00
17th April 2020EVLV - EVINE Live, Inc.691,070Open or private purchase1,091,070$2.04$1,411,510.48$2,228,510.48
28th August 2020EVLV - EVINE Live, Inc.256,000Open or private purchase1,349,370$6.25$1,600,000.00$8,433,562.50