Amol Chaubal, Chief Financial Officer

QTRX 25,261 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Amol Chaubal is at least $933,866.33. Amol Chaubal owns over 25,261 units of Quanterix Corp. stock worth over $933,866.33.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd November 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.116Open or private sale25,261$36.97$4,288.37$933,866.33
1st October 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.116Open or private sale25,377$34.12$3,958.20$865,924.14
12th April 2019QTRX - Quanterix Corp.18,259Grant/award etc.18,259$0.00
18th February 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.9,286Grant/award etc.27,545$0.00
1st June 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.118Open or private sale25,844$27.32$3,223.57$706,016.73
1st May 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.120Open or private sale25,962$25.44$3,053.06$660,530.40
14th April 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.1,463Open or private sale26,082$20.34$29,753.18$530,432.24
1st July 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.8Open or private sale25,727$27.45$219.60$706,206.15
1st July 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.109Open or private sale25,735$26.83$2,924.31$690,431.45
3rd August 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.3Open or private sale25,613$33.33$99.99$853,681.29
3rd August 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.111Open or private sale25,616$32.23$3,577.47$825,590.87
1st September 2020QTRX - Quanterix Corp.120Open or private sale25,493$34.91$4,189.33$889,988.67