Vaibhav Agarwal, Chief Accounting Officer

RNG 17,726 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Vaibhav Agarwal is at least $4,497,795.24. Vaibhav Agarwal owns over 17,726 units of RingCentral, Inc. stock worth over $4,497,795.24.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
21st September 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.482Open or private sale17,726$253.74$122,302.68$4,497,795.24
2nd April 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.4,487Grant/award etc.23,574$0.00
14th May 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.253Grant/award etc.24,134$0.00
20th May 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.750Payment by withholding23,384$120.99$90,742.50$2,829,230.16
14th August 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.225Grant/award etc.23,609$0.00
20th August 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.740Payment by withholding22,869$137.56$101,794.40$3,145,859.64
26th August 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.578Open or private sale22,291$142.85$82,567.30$3,184,269.35
25th September 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.95Open or private sale22,026$127.09$12,073.55$2,799,284.34
25th September 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.70Open or private sale22,121$126.21$8,834.70$2,791,891.41
25th September 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.74Open or private sale22,191$125.41$9,280.34$2,782,973.31
25th September 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.76Open or private sale22,265$124.42$9,455.92$2,770,211.30
23rd October 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.203Open or private sale21,481$153.58$31,176.74$3,299,051.98
23rd October 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.215Open or private sale21,684$151.51$32,574.65$3,285,342.84
23rd October 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.127Open or private sale21,899$149.03$18,926.81$3,263,607.97
14th November 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.228Grant/award etc.21,726$0.00
20th November 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.855Payment by withholding20,871$171.44$146,581.20$3,578,124.24
25th November 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.100Open or private sale19,746$172.17$17,217.00$3,399,668.82
25th November 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.200Open or private sale19,846$171.08$34,216.00$3,395,253.68
25th November 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.825Open or private sale20,046$170.07$140,307.75$3,409,223.22
18th December 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.100Open or private sale19,335$168.59$16,859.00$3,259,687.65
18th December 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.100Open or private sale19,435$167.39$16,739.00$3,253,224.65
18th December 2019RNG - RingCentral, Inc.211Open or private sale19,535$166.39$35,108.29$3,250,428.65
21st January 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.100Open or private sale18,924$198.88$19,888.00$3,763,605.12
21st January 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.311Open or private sale19,024$196.01$60,959.11$3,728,894.24
14th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.188Grant/award etc.19,112$0.00
20th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.757Payment by withholding18,355$243.76$184,526.32$4,474,214.80
25th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.7Open or private sale17,810$236.83$1,657.81$4,217,942.30
25th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.60Open or private sale17,817$236.27$14,176.20$4,209,622.59
25th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.85Open or private sale17,877$235.16$19,988.60$4,203,955.32
25th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.115Open or private sale17,962$234.27$26,941.05$4,207,957.74
25th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.88Open or private sale18,077$233.25$20,526.00$4,216,460.25
25th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.112Open or private sale18,165$232.09$25,994.08$4,215,914.85
25th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.50Open or private sale18,277$231.23$11,561.50$4,226,190.71
25th February 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.28Open or private sale18,327$230.09$6,442.52$4,216,859.43
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.3Open or private sale17,387$210.00$630.00$3,651,270.00
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.15Open or private sale17,390$208.77$3,131.55$3,630,510.30
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.58Open or private sale17,405$207.38$12,028.04$3,609,448.90
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.29Open or private sale17,463$206.68$5,993.72$3,609,252.84
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.21Open or private sale17,492$205.57$4,316.97$3,595,830.44
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.11Open or private sale17,513$204.11$2,245.21$3,574,578.43
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.8Open or private sale17,524$203.23$1,625.84$3,561,402.52
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.86Open or private sale17,532$201.95$17,367.70$3,540,587.40
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.46Open or private sale17,618$200.73$9,233.58$3,536,461.14
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.72Open or private sale17,664$199.79$14,384.88$3,529,090.56
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.24Open or private sale17,736$198.59$4,766.16$3,522,192.24
25th March 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.50Open or private sale17,760$197.49$9,874.50$3,507,422.40
9th April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.5,176Grant/award etc.22,563$0.00
22nd April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.14Open or private sale22,140$247.08$3,459.12$5,470,351.20
22nd April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.53Open or private sale22,154$246.16$13,046.48$5,453,428.64
22nd April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.44Open or private sale22,207$245.22$10,789.68$5,445,600.54
22nd April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.80Open or private sale22,251$244.17$19,533.60$5,433,026.67
22nd April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.125Open or private sale22,331$243.09$30,386.25$5,428,442.79
22nd April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.37Open or private sale22,456$242.27$8,963.99$5,440,415.12
22nd April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.41Open or private sale22,493$241.09$9,884.69$5,422,837.37
22nd April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.20Open or private sale22,534$240.07$4,801.40$5,409,737.38
22nd April 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.9Open or private sale22,554$239.09$2,151.81$5,392,435.86
14th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.130Grant/award etc.22,418$0.00
20th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.913Payment by withholding21,505$264.36$241,360.68$5,685,061.80
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.8Open or private sale20,767$262.67$2,101.36$5,454,867.89
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.5Open or private sale20,775$260.81$1,304.05$5,418,327.75
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.17Open or private sale20,780$259.48$4,411.16$5,391,994.40
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.11Open or private sale20,797$258.16$2,839.76$5,368,953.52
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.46Open or private sale20,808$257.19$11,830.74$5,351,609.52
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.69Open or private sale20,854$256.27$17,682.63$5,344,254.58
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.55Open or private sale20,923$255.31$14,042.05$5,341,851.13
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.105Open or private sale20,978$254.18$26,688.90$5,332,188.04
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.191Open or private sale21,083$253.34$48,387.94$5,341,167.22
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.142Open or private sale21,274$252.26$35,820.92$5,366,579.24
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.50Open or private sale21,416$251.39$12,569.50$5,383,768.24
26th May 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.39Open or private sale21,466$250.47$9,768.33$5,376,589.02
23rd June 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.10Open or private sale20,287$288.57$2,885.70$5,854,219.59
23rd June 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.47Open or private sale20,297$287.29$13,502.63$5,831,125.13
23rd June 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.92Open or private sale20,344$286.51$26,358.92$5,828,759.44
23rd June 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.67Open or private sale20,436$285.63$19,137.21$5,837,134.68
23rd June 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.104Open or private sale20,503$284.56$29,594.24$5,834,333.68
23rd June 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.59Open or private sale20,607$283.40$16,720.60$5,840,023.80
23rd June 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.57Open or private sale20,666$282.40$16,096.80$5,836,078.40
23rd June 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.30Open or private sale20,723$281.54$8,446.20$5,834,353.42
23rd June 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.14Open or private sale20,753$280.17$3,922.38$5,814,368.01
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.1Open or private sale19,807$287.79$287.79$5,700,256.53
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.6Open or private sale19,808$287.10$1,722.60$5,686,876.80
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.21Open or private sale19,814$285.87$6,003.27$5,664,228.18
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.24Open or private sale19,835$284.79$6,834.96$5,648,809.65
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.41Open or private sale19,859$283.79$11,635.39$5,635,785.61
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.54Open or private sale19,900$282.92$15,277.68$5,630,108.00
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.29Open or private sale19,954$281.85$8,173.65$5,624,034.90
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.16Open or private sale19,983$280.48$4,487.68$5,604,831.84
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.31Open or private sale19,999$279.31$8,658.61$5,585,920.69
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.72Open or private sale20,030$278.44$20,047.68$5,577,153.20
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.49Open or private sale20,102$277.33$13,589.17$5,574,887.66
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.65Open or private sale20,151$276.51$17,973.15$5,571,953.01
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.52Open or private sale20,216$275.53$14,327.56$5,570,114.48
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.16Open or private sale20,268$274.44$4,391.04$5,562,349.92
21st July 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.3Open or private sale20,284$271.88$815.64$5,514,813.92
14th August 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.180Grant/award etc.19,987$0.00
21st August 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.90Open or private sale18,208$292.81$26,352.90$5,331,484.48
21st August 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.482Open or private sale18,298$290.38$139,963.16$5,313,373.24
20th August 2020RNG - RingCentral, Inc.1,207Payment by withholding18,780$290.38$350,488.66$5,453,336.40