Gwen L Shaneyfelt, Chief Accounting Officer

BEN 47,812.012 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Gwen L Shaneyfelt is at least $1,624,174.03. Gwen L Shaneyfelt owns over 47,812.012 units of Franklin Resources, Inc. stock worth over $1,624,174.03.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd April 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.13,247Grant/award etc.47,812.012$33.97$450,000.59$1,624,174.03
30th August 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.2,019Payment by withholding46,078.012$26.28$53,059.32$1,210,930.14
1st November 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.5,348Grant/award etc.59,308.012$28.05$150,011.40$1,663,589.72
1st November 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.1,643Grant/award etc.53,960.012$0.00
1st November 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.6,239Grant/award etc.52,317.012$28.05$175,003.95$1,467,492.17
29th November 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.3,224Payment by withholding56,084.012$27.49$88,627.76$1,541,749.48
10th February 2020BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.1,556Grant/award etc.57,640.012$25.60$39,833.60$1,475,584.29
31st August 2020BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.1,828Payment by withholding56,649.012$21.06$38,497.68$1,193,028.18