Frederick S. Iii Hencken, Chief Financial Officer

CPST 74,367 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Frederick S. Iii Hencken is at least $45,363.87. Frederick S. Iii Hencken owns over 74,367 units of Capstone Turbine Corporation stock worth over $45,363.87.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
3rd April 2019CPST - Capstone Turbine Corporation0Grant/award etc.35,837$0.00
3rd April 2019CPST - Capstone Turbine Corporation24,788Grant/award etc.77,288$0.00
27th August 2019CPST - Capstone Turbine Corporation2,921Payment by withholding74,367$0.61$1,781.81$45,363.87
13th December 2019CPST - Capstone Turbine Corporation1,500Open or private purchase5,084$3.41$5,115.00$17,336.44
15th November 2019CPST - Capstone Turbine Corporation245Payment by withholding7,191$2.57$629.65$18,480.87
1st January 2020CPST - Capstone Turbine Corporation20,000Grant/award etc.27,191$0.00
3rd April 2020CPST - Capstone Turbine Corporation330Payment by withholding26,861$1.18$389.40$31,695.98
24th August 2020CPST - Capstone Turbine Corporation245Payment by withholding26,616$5.11$1,251.95$136,007.76
27th August 2020CPST - Capstone Turbine Corporation22,763Grant/award etc.49,379$0.00