Goyal Kruti Patel, Chief Product Officer

ETSY 26,975 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Goyal Kruti Patel is at least $5,502,630.25. Goyal Kruti Patel owns over 26,975 units of Etsy, Inc. stock worth over $5,502,630.25.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.242Open or private sale26,975$203.99$49,365.58$5,502,630.25
1st February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,545Open or private sale27,217$203.21$313,959.45$5,530,766.57
1st February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,117Open or private sale28,762$202.21$428,078.57$5,815,964.02
1st February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,233Open or private sale30,879$201.26$248,153.58$6,214,707.54
1st February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.667Open or private sale32,112$200.10$133,466.70$6,425,611.20
1st February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.678Open or private sale32,779$198.90$134,854.20$6,519,743.10
1st February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.318Open or private sale33,457$197.52$62,811.36$6,608,426.64
1st February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.6,800Exercise of derivative33,775$10.23$69,564.00$345,518.25
1st December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.23Open or private sale26,277$161.51$3,714.73$4,243,998.27
1st December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.319Open or private sale26,300$159.27$50,807.13$4,188,801.00
1st December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.970Open or private sale26,619$158.01$153,269.70$4,206,068.19
1st December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,442Open or private sale27,589$157.29$541,392.18$4,339,473.81
1st December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,959Open or private sale31,031$156.30$462,491.70$4,850,145.30
1st December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.440Open or private sale33,990$155.01$68,204.40$5,268,789.90
1st December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.4,930Exercise of derivative34,430$10.23$50,433.90$352,218.90
1st December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,953Exercise of derivative29,500$14.06$41,519.18$414,770.00
3rd April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.100Open or private sale15,190$70.08$7,008.00$1,064,515.20
3rd April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,653Open or private sale15,290$69.68$254,541.04$1,065,407.20
1st April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,590Payment by withholding18,943$68.16$108,374.40$1,291,154.88
1st April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.4,159Exercise of derivative20,533$0.00
1st April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.276Payment by withholding16,374$68.16$18,812.16$1,116,051.84
1st April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.720Exercise of derivative16,650$0.00
1st April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.459Payment by withholding15,930$68.16$31,285.44$1,085,788.80
1st April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,199Exercise of derivative16,389$0.00
3rd July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,061Open or private sale10,685$64.06$67,967.66$684,481.10
3rd July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.123Open or private sale11,746$63.05$7,755.15$740,585.30
2nd July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,901Open or private sale11,869$62.06$180,036.06$736,590.14
2nd July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,604Open or private sale14,770$61.34$98,389.36$905,991.80
1st July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.276Payment by withholding16,374$62.06$17,128.56$1,016,170.44
1st July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.720Exercise of derivative16,650$0.00
1st July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.459Payment by withholding15,930$62.06$28,485.54$988,615.80
1st July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,199Exercise of derivative16,389$0.00
3rd October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,641Open or private sale7,954$55.04$90,320.64$437,788.16
3rd October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,433Open or private sale9,595$54.17$77,625.61$519,761.15
2nd October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.346Open or private sale11,028$54.06$18,704.76$596,173.68
2nd October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,408Open or private sale11,374$53.20$181,305.60$605,096.80
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.999Payment by withholding14,782$55.30$55,244.70$817,444.60
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,022Exercise of derivative15,781$0.00
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,055Payment by withholding13,759$55.30$113,641.50$760,872.70
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.4,159Exercise of derivative15,814$0.00
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.593Payment by withholding11,655$55.30$32,792.90$644,521.50
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,199Exercise of derivative12,248$0.00
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.357Payment by withholding11,049$55.30$19,742.10$611,009.70
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.721Exercise of derivative11,406$0.00
3rd December 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.10,417Exercise of derivative18,371$4.76$49,584.92$87,445.96
1st January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.525Payment by withholding19,044$44.30$23,257.50$843,649.20
1st January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,198Exercise of derivative19,569$0.00
15th January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,400Open or private sale18,774$50.00$170,000.00$938,700.00
15th January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.669Exercise of derivative22,174$28.38$18,986.22$629,298.12
15th January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,931Exercise of derivative21,505$10.23$19,754.13$219,996.15
15th January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.530Exercise of derivative19,574$14.06$7,451.80$275,210.44
4th February 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,398Open or private sale18,505$50.00$169,900.00$925,250.00
4th February 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.669Exercise of derivative21,903$28.38$18,986.22$621,607.14
4th February 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.530Exercise of derivative21,234$14.06$7,451.80$298,550.04
4th February 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,930Exercise of derivative20,704$10.23$19,743.90$211,801.92
2nd March 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,311Open or private sale18,236$59.08$136,533.88$1,077,382.88
2nd March 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,088Open or private sale20,547$57.54$62,603.52$1,182,274.38
2nd March 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.669Exercise of derivative21,635$28.38$18,986.22$614,001.30
2nd March 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,931Exercise of derivative20,966$10.23$19,754.13$214,482.18
2nd March 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.530Exercise of derivative19,035$14.06$7,451.80$267,632.10
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.774Payment by withholding22,795$35.45$27,438.30$808,082.75
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,023Exercise of derivative23,569$0.00
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,590Payment by withholding21,546$35.45$56,365.50$763,805.70
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.4,160Exercise of derivative23,136$0.00
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.459Payment by withholding18,976$35.45$16,271.55$672,699.20
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,199Exercise of derivative19,435$0.00
7th April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,399Open or private sale22,525$50.00$169,950.00$1,126,250.00
7th April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.669Exercise of derivative25,924$28.38$18,986.22$735,723.12
7th April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,930Exercise of derivative25,255$10.23$19,743.90$258,358.65
7th April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.530Exercise of derivative23,325$14.06$7,451.80$327,949.50
1st May 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,891Open or private sale22,256$63.12$119,359.92$1,404,798.72
1st May 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,507Open or private sale24,147$62.11$93,599.77$1,499,770.17
1st May 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.530Exercise of derivative25,654$14.06$7,451.80$360,695.24
1st May 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,930Exercise of derivative25,124$10.23$19,743.90$257,018.52
1st May 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.669Exercise of derivative23,194$28.38$18,986.22$658,245.72
1st June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.219Open or private sale21,987$81.06$17,752.14$1,782,266.22
1st June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.400Open or private sale22,206$80.52$32,208.00$1,788,027.12
1st June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,779Open or private sale22,606$79.42$220,708.18$1,795,368.52
1st June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.669Exercise of derivative25,385$28.38$18,986.22$720,426.30
1st June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,930Exercise of derivative24,716$10.23$19,743.90$252,844.68
1st June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.530Exercise of derivative22,786$14.06$7,451.80$320,371.16
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.600Open or private sale21,718$111.06$66,636.00$2,412,001.08
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,086Open or private sale22,318$110.15$119,622.90$2,458,327.70
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.599Open or private sale23,404$109.00$65,291.00$2,551,036.00
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.930Open or private sale24,003$107.46$99,937.80$2,579,362.38
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.184Open or private sale24,933$106.52$19,599.68$2,655,863.16
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.669Exercise of derivative25,117$28.38$18,986.22$712,820.46
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,931Exercise of derivative24,448$10.23$19,754.13$250,103.04
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.530Exercise of derivative22,517$14.06$7,451.80$316,589.02
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.279Open or private sale22,008$126.50$35,293.50$2,784,012.00
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,314Open or private sale22,287$125.75$165,235.50$2,802,590.25
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,034Open or private sale23,601$124.70$128,939.80$2,943,044.70
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.642Open or private sale24,635$123.82$79,492.44$3,050,305.70
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.120Open or private sale25,277$122.17$14,660.40$3,088,091.09
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.10Open or private sale25,397$121.00$1,210.00$3,073,037.00
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.669Exercise of derivative25,407$28.38$18,986.22$721,050.66
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,930Exercise of derivative24,738$10.23$19,743.90$253,069.74
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.530Exercise of derivative22,808$14.06$7,451.80$320,680.48
1st September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.484Open or private sale21,739$125.47$60,727.48$2,727,592.33
1st September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,788Open or private sale22,223$124.88$223,285.44$2,775,208.24
1st September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.950Open or private sale24,011$123.93$117,733.50$2,975,683.23
1st September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.176Open or private sale24,961$121.81$21,438.56$3,040,499.41
1st September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.669Exercise of derivative25,137$28.38$18,986.22$713,388.06
1st September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,930Exercise of derivative24,468$10.23$19,743.90$250,307.64
1st September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.530Exercise of derivative22,538$14.06$7,451.80$316,884.28
9th September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,400Open or private sale21,739$115.00$391,000.00$2,499,985.00
9th September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,400Open or private sale25,139$113.03$384,287.72$2,841,355.59
9th September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.6,800Exercise of derivative28,539$14.06$95,608.00$401,258.34