Patrick Brickley, SVP, Chief Financial Officer

EVBG 1 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Patrick Brickley is at least $122.35. Patrick Brickley owns over 1 units of Everbridge, Inc. stock worth over $122.35.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th November 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.3,125Open or private sale1$122.35$382,358.75$122.35
20th November 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.3,125Exercise of derivative3,126$33.06$103,312.50$103,345.56
3rd September 2019EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.583Open or private sale1,397$86.20$50,254.60$120,421.40
31st August 2019EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.1,980Exercise of derivative1,980$0.00
12th September 2019EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.8,183Open or private sale0$69.85$571,558.00$0.00
14th January 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.3,125Open or private sale0$84.82$265,065.00$0.00
3rd February 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.7,708Open or private sale12,917$91.28$703,622.47$1,179,124.47
31st January 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.20,625Exercise of derivative20,625$0.00
12th March 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.3,125Open or private sale0$99.06$309,565.31$0.00
12th June 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.3,229Open or private sale6,459$132.79$428,787.31$857,707.40
12th June 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.3,125Open or private sale9,688$132.79$414,976.88$1,286,494.71
12th June 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.3,125Exercise of derivative12,813$0.00
5th August 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.6,458Open or private sale1$150.19$969,932.19$150.19
2nd September 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.2,040Open or private sale1$151.19$308,432.90$151.19
1st September 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.3,541Open or private sale2,041$151.08$534,978.88$308,356.93
1st September 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.3,125Exercise of derivative5,582$33.06$103,312.50$184,540.92
1st September 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.2,040Exercise of derivative2,457$0.00
31st August 2020EVBG - Everbridge, Inc.416Exercise of derivative417$0.00