Alisair Fulton, VP and GM

SMTC 2,382 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Alisair Fulton is at least $131,105.28. Alisair Fulton owns over 2,382 units of Semtech Corporation stock worth over $131,105.28.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th March 2019SMTC - Semtech Corporation1,368Payment by withholding2,382$55.04$75,294.72$131,105.28
6th March 2019SMTC - Semtech Corporation3,750Exercise of derivative3,750$0.00
11th April 2019SMTC - Semtech Corporation500Open or private sale1,882$52.78$26,391.70$99,338.36
12th July 2019SMTC - Semtech Corporation1,500Open or private sale382$49.38$74,070.00$18,863.16
22nd August 2019SMTC - Semtech Corporation173Payment by withholding709$45.29$7,835.17$32,110.61
22nd August 2019SMTC - Semtech Corporation500Exercise of derivative882$0.00
7th October 2019SMTC - Semtech Corporation709Open or private sale0$49.38$35,008.51$0.00
23rd December 2019SMTC - Semtech Corporation1,250Open or private sale0$52.03$65,042.63$0.00
23rd December 2019SMTC - Semtech Corporation1,250Exercise of derivative1,250$34.75$43,437.50$43,437.50
6th March 2020SMTC - Semtech Corporation1,296Payment by withholding4,527$39.08$50,647.68$176,915.16
6th March 2020SMTC - Semtech Corporation3,750Exercise of derivative5,823$0.00
5th March 2020SMTC - Semtech Corporation1,260Payment by withholding2,073$40.52$51,055.20$83,997.96
5th March 2020SMTC - Semtech Corporation3,333Exercise of derivative3,333$0.00
5th June 2020SMTC - Semtech Corporation3,500Open or private sale1,027$56.91$199,197.60$58,450.27
5th June 2020SMTC - Semtech Corporation1,250Open or private sale4,527$57.06$71,319.38$258,290.25
5th June 2020SMTC - Semtech Corporation1,250Exercise of derivative5,777$34.75$43,437.50$200,750.75
22nd August 2020SMTC - Semtech Corporation173Payment by withholding1,354$61.03$10,558.19$82,634.62
22nd August 2020SMTC - Semtech Corporation500Exercise of derivative1,527$0.00