John C. De Sena, Chief Operating Officer

NHLD 10,316 shares

The estimated Net Worth of John C. De Sena is at least $33,011.20. John C. De Sena owns over 10,316 units of National Holdings Corp. stock worth over $33,011.20.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
27th December 2018NHLD - National Holdings Corp.2,124Payment by withholding10,316$3.20$6,796.80$33,011.20
27th December 2018NHLD - National Holdings Corp.6,250Exercise of derivative12,440$0.00
30th May 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.5,824Payment by withholding21,635$2.91$16,947.84$62,957.85
10th April 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.17,143Exercise of derivative27,459$0.00
19th July 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.9,375Exercise of derivative31,010$0.00
23rd August 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.3,185Payment by withholding27,825$2.79$8,886.15$77,631.75
1st November 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.22,327Exercise of derivative50,152$0.00
23rd December 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.7,585Payment by withholding42,567$2.66$20,176.10$113,228.22
10th April 2020NHLD - National Holdings Corp.17,143Exercise of derivative59,710$0.00
22nd May 2020NHLD - National Holdings Corp.5,824Payment by withholding53,886$1.42$8,269.50$76,512.73
19th July 2020NHLD - National Holdings Corp.9,375Exercise of derivative63,261$0.00
31st August 2020NHLD - National Holdings Corp.3,185Payment by withholding60,076$1.97$6,274.45$118,349.72