PCAR 2,014 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Todd R Hubbard is at least $186,295.00. Todd R Hubbard owns over 2,014 units of PACCAR, Inc. stock worth over $186,295.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
23rd October 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.4,302Open or private sale2,014$92.50$397,935.00$186,295.00
23rd October 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.4,302Exercise of derivative6,316$59.15$254,463.30$373,591.40
7th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.410Open or private sale5,004$66.00$27,060.00$330,264.00
6th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.2,968Grant/award etc.5,414$65.56$194,582.08$354,941.84
5th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.410Open or private sale2,446$65.50$26,855.00$160,213.00
19th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.418Open or private sale4,586$68.50$28,633.00$314,141.00
1st March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.181Payment by withholding4,405$67.80$12,271.80$298,659.00
5th March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.12.451Other acquisition or disposition2,822.52$67.79$844.05$191,338.63
16th May 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.281Open or private sale4,124$70.00$19,670.00$288,680.00
4th June 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.13.286Other acquisition or disposition2,835.8$68.62$911.69$194,592.60
26th July 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.280Open or private sale3,844$71.81$20,105.99$276,026.49
26th July 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.3,574Open or private sale4,124$72.00$257,328.00$296,928.00
26th July 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.3,574Exercise of derivative7,698$50.50$180,487.00$388,749.00
4th September 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.13.915Other acquisition or disposition2,849.718$65.46$910.88$186,542.54
25th October 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.5,000Open or private sale3,844$75.59$377,937.00$290,557.97
25th October 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative8,844$47.81$239,050.00$422,831.64
1st November 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.2,738Open or private sale3,844$78.00$213,564.00$299,832.00
1st November 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.2,738Exercise of derivative6,582$50.00$136,900.00$329,100.00
3rd December 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.11.409Other acquisition or disposition2,861.127$80.09$913.75$229,147.66
2nd January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.539Payment by withholding3,305$79.10$42,634.90$261,425.50
8th January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.83.429Other acquisition or disposition2,944.556$78.96$6,587.55$232,502.14
14th February 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.403Open or private sale2,902$74.47$30,011.81$216,114.84
1st March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.171Payment by withholding3,430$66.90$11,439.90$229,467.00
1st March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.699Exercise of derivative3,601$0.00
3rd March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.13.738Other acquisition or disposition3,147.281$67.55$928.00$212,598.83
2nd June 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.13.785Other acquisition or disposition3,161.141$73.43$1,012.23$232,122.58
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.1,416Open or private sale2,014$85.93$121,679.85$173,067.25
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.6,000Open or private sale3,430$85.89$515,340.60$294,603.04
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.6,000Exercise of derivative9,430$50.00$300,000.00$471,500.00
1st September 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.11.725Other acquisition or disposition3,172.866$87.05$1,020.66$276,197.99