James Alexander Chriss, EVP, SBSEG

INTU 808 shares

The estimated Net Worth of James Alexander Chriss is at least $254,261.44. James Alexander Chriss owns over 808 units of Intuit, Inc. stock worth over $254,261.44.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st November 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.286Payment by withholding808$314.68$89,998.48$254,261.44
1st November 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.576Exercise of derivative1,094$0.00
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.295Payment by withholding518$332.34$98,040.30$172,152.12
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.499Exercise of derivative813$0.00
1st October 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.93Exercise of derivative314$0.00
1st February 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.513Payment by withholding923$214.45$110,012.85$197,937.35
1st February 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,436Exercise of derivative1,436$0.00
25th February 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.923Open or private sale0$247.10$228,073.30$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,321Payment by withholding2,255$264.20$349,008.20$595,771.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.375Exercise of derivative3,576$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,231Exercise of derivative3,201$0.00
1st July 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,844Exercise of derivative1,970$0.00
12th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.246Payment by withholding2,517$272.65$67,071.90$686,260.05
12th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.254Exercise of derivative2,763$0.00
12th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.254Exercise of derivative2,509$0.00
26th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.158Open or private sale126$282.25$44,594.98$35,563.08
26th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.300Open or private sale284$281.36$84,407.01$79,905.30
26th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.300Open or private sale584$280.36$84,108.00$163,730.24
26th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.533Open or private sale884$279.37$148,902.08$246,959.54
26th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.600Open or private sale1,417$277.51$166,504.98$393,229.26
26th August 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.500Open or private sale2,017$276.52$138,259.00$557,736.81
1st October 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.47Payment by withholding172$264.30$12,422.10$45,459.60
1st October 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.93Exercise of derivative219$0.00
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,373Open or private sale126$260.66$357,886.18$32,843.16
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.11,624Open or private sale1,499$258.84$3,008,756.16$388,001.16
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,500Open or private sale13,123$258.32$904,120.00$3,389,933.36
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.3,000Open or private sale16,623$256.82$770,460.00$4,269,118.86
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,000Open or private sale19,623$260.86$521,720.00$5,118,855.78
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.9,910Exercise of derivative21,623$113.19$1,121,712.90$2,447,507.37
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.9,587Exercise of derivative11,713$135.35$1,297,600.45$1,585,354.55
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,000Exercise of derivative2,126$216.64$433,280.00$460,576.64
25th November 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.46Open or private sale126$260.86$11,999.56$32,868.36
2nd January 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.47Open or private sale126$261.08$12,270.76$32,896.08
31st December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.47Payment by withholding173$261.93$12,310.71$45,313.89
31st December 2019INTU - Intuit, Inc.94Exercise of derivative220$0.00
1st February 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,330Payment by withholding2,535$280.38$372,905.40$710,763.30
1st February 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,303Exercise of derivative3,865$0.00
1st February 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,436Exercise of derivative1,562$0.00
26th February 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,409Open or private sale126$286.28$689,648.52$36,071.28
1st April 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.47Payment by withholding267$218.12$10,251.64$58,238.04
1st April 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.94Exercise of derivative314$0.00
1st May 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.286Payment by withholding557$261.13$74,683.18$145,449.41
1st May 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.576Exercise of derivative843$0.00
26th May 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.337Open or private sale220$291.10$98,100.70$64,042.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,649Payment by withholding1,896$302.58$498,954.42$573,691.68
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,998Exercise of derivative3,545$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.94Exercise of derivative1,547$0.00
1st July 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,232Exercise of derivative1,453$0.00
1st August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.286Payment by withholding2,186$306.37$87,621.82$669,724.82
1st August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.576Exercise of derivative2,472$0.00
11th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.266Payment by withholding2,468$299.20$79,587.20$738,425.60
11th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.274Exercise of derivative2,734$0.00
11th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.274Exercise of derivative2,460$0.00
27th August 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,247Open or private sale221$341.84$768,114.48$75,546.64
2nd September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.1,348Open or private sale221$350.33$472,244.84$77,422.93
2nd September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,654Open or private sale1,569$349.49$927,546.46$548,349.81
2nd September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.2,196Open or private sale4,223$348.55$765,415.80$1,471,926.65
1st September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.6,099Payment by withholding6,419$347.18$2,117,450.82$2,228,548.42
1st September 2020INTU - Intuit, Inc.12,297Exercise of derivative12,518$0.00