Samuel Pike Hall, Chief Product Officer

GRUB 4,383 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Samuel Pike Hall is at least $305,933.40. Samuel Pike Hall owns over 4,383 units of Grubhub, Inc. stock worth over $305,933.40.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
3rd December 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.533Open or private sale4,383$69.80$37,203.40$305,933.40
1st December 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.809Payment by withholding4,916$71.65$57,964.85$352,231.40
1st December 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,520Exercise of derivative5,725$0.00
3rd November 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,257Open or private sale4,205$74.00$93,018.00$311,170.00
1st November 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,150Payment by withholding5,462$73.96$85,054.00$403,969.52
1st November 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.2,338Exercise of derivative6,612$0.00
1st November 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.304Payment by withholding4,274$73.96$22,483.84$316,105.04
1st November 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.793Exercise of derivative4,578$0.00
1st March 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.2,323Payment by withholding3,758$83.02$192,855.46$311,989.16
1st March 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.6,081Exercise of derivative6,081$0.00
26th April 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.2,818Open or private sale940$75.00$211,350.00$70,500.00
1st June 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.581Payment by withholding1,879$65.15$37,852.15$122,416.85
1st June 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,520Exercise of derivative2,460$0.00
15th July 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.704Open or private sale1,175$75.45$53,116.80$88,653.75
4th September 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.704Open or private sale1,410$57.58$40,536.32$81,187.80
1st September 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.581Payment by withholding2,114$59.34$34,476.54$125,444.76
1st September 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,520Exercise of derivative2,695$0.00
3rd December 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.704Open or private sale1,645$41.37$29,124.48$68,053.65
1st December 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.582Payment by withholding2,349$43.12$25,095.84$101,288.88
1st December 2019GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,521Exercise of derivative2,931$0.00
1st February 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,312Payment by withholding3,506$54.15$71,044.80$189,849.90
1st February 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.3,173Exercise of derivative4,818$0.00
10th February 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,395Open or private sale2,111$52.51$73,251.45$110,848.61
3rd March 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.704Open or private sale2,346$49.00$34,496.00$114,954.00
1st March 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.581Payment by withholding3,050$48.11$27,951.91$146,735.50
1st March 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,520Exercise of derivative3,631$0.00
5th May 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,449Open or private sale2,830$47.55$68,899.95$134,566.50
1st May 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.894Payment by withholding4,279$45.49$40,668.06$194,651.71
1st May 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.2,338Exercise of derivative5,173$0.00
1st May 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.304Payment by withholding2,835$45.49$13,828.96$128,964.15
1st May 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.793Exercise of derivative3,139$0.00
3rd June 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.704Open or private sale3,065$58.26$41,015.04$178,566.90
1st June 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.581Payment by withholding3,769$58.75$34,133.75$221,428.75
1st June 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,520Exercise of derivative4,350$0.00
4th August 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,449Open or private sale3,550$72.41$104,922.09$257,055.50
1st August 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.894Payment by withholding4,999$72.24$64,582.56$361,127.76
1st August 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.2,339Exercise of derivative5,893$0.00
1st August 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.304Payment by withholding3,554$72.24$21,960.96$256,740.96
1st August 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.793Exercise of derivative3,858$0.00
1st September 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.582Payment by withholding4,489$72.49$42,189.18$325,407.61
1st September 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.1,521Exercise of derivative5,071$0.00
3rd September 2020GRUB - Grubhub, Inc.704Open or private sale3,785$71.05$50,019.20$268,924.25