Peter Kaes, SVP, General Counsel

RPD 68,885 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Peter Kaes is at least $5,142,843.88. Peter Kaes owns over 68,885 units of Rapid7, Inc. stock worth over $5,142,843.88.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th December 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.1,500Open or private sale68,885$74.66$111,987.60$5,142,843.88
14th December 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.17,510Open or private sale70,385$74.15$1,298,438.29$5,219,336.33
14th December 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.1,216Open or private sale87,895$72.84$88,570.16$6,402,034.48
15th November 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.3,007Payment by withholding89,111$69.33$208,475.31$6,178,065.63
29th January 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.9,809Open or private sale74,506$38.00$372,742.00$2,831,228.00
31st January 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.28,000Grant/award etc.102,506$0.00
15th February 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.1,491Payment by withholding101,015$45.94$68,496.54$4,640,629.10
15th May 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.1,900Payment by withholding100,067$52.02$98,838.00$5,205,485.34
30th May 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.17,500Open or private sale100,067$52.45$917,955.50$5,248,974.46
30th May 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.7,500Exercise of derivative117,567$9.77$73,275.00$1,148,629.59
30th May 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative110,067$7.73$77,300.00$850,817.91
15th August 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.2,871Payment by withholding97,196$53.41$153,340.11$5,191,238.36
13th September 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.12,881Open or private sale84,323$50.03$644,372.03$4,218,258.08
15th November 2019RPD - Rapid7, Inc.2,871Payment by withholding81,452$53.42$153,368.82$4,351,165.84
30th January 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.18,057Grant/award etc.99,509$0.00
15th February 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.1,984Payment by withholding97,525$55.23$109,576.32$5,386,305.75
25th March 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.10,000Open or private sale98,026$44.90$449,000.00$4,401,367.40
25th March 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative108,026$12.47$124,700.00$1,347,084.22
7th May 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.5,000Open or private sale98,026$49.90$249,500.00$4,891,497.40
7th May 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative103,026$12.47$62,350.00$1,284,734.22
15th May 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.2,653Payment by withholding95,373$46.72$123,948.16$4,455,826.56
15th August 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.3,256Payment by withholding92,117$59.51$193,764.56$5,481,882.67
1st September 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.21,735Open or private sale92,117$65.47$1,422,931.77$6,030,651.27
1st September 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.4,265Open or private sale113,852$64.76$276,212.92$7,373,362.92
1st September 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.18,000Exercise of derivative118,117$14.22$255,960.00$1,679,623.74
1st September 2020RPD - Rapid7, Inc.8,000Exercise of derivative100,117$12.98$103,840.00$1,299,518.66