Chad E. Turner, Chief Financial Officer

ETFC 14,451 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Chad E. Turner is at least $682,014.95. Chad E. Turner owns over 14,451 units of E*TRADE Financial Corp. stock worth over $682,014.95.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd October 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.84,241Sale back to the issuer0$0.00
2nd October 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.28,478Grant/award etc.84,241$0.00
5th February 2019ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.653Payment by withholding14,451$47.20$30,818.34$682,014.95
3rd February 2019ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.572Payment by withholding15,104$47.30$27,055.60$714,419.20
3rd February 2019ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.507Payment by withholding15,676$47.30$23,981.10$741,474.80
8th February 2019ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.10,313Grant/award etc.24,764$0.00
9th February 2019ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.724Payment by withholding24,040$46.06$33,345.63$1,107,222.30
15th February 2019ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.23Grant/award etc.24,063$0.00
20th May 2019ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.54Grant/award etc.24,117$0.00
26th August 2019ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.65Grant/award etc.24,182$0.00
15th November 2019ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.55Grant/award etc.24,237$0.00
3rd February 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.585Payment by withholding23,139$42.88$25,081.88$992,084.63
3rd February 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.513Payment by withholding23,724$42.88$21,994.88$1,017,166.50
9th February 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.733Payment by withholding55,371$43.37$31,790.21$2,401,440.27
8th February 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.1,044Payment by withholding56,104$43.37$45,278.28$2,433,230.48
7th February 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.34,009Grant/award etc.57,148$0.00
2nd March 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.132Grant/award etc.55,503$0.00
19th May 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.149Grant/award etc.55,652$0.00
25th August 2020ETFC - E*TRADE Financial Corp.111Grant/award etc.55,763$0.00