CHGG 64,349 shares

The estimated Net Worth of John Paul Fillmore is at least $2,517,976.37. John Paul Fillmore owns over 64,349 units of Chegg, Inc. stock worth over $2,517,976.37.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
23rd February 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.21,054Payment by withholding64,349$39.13$823,843.02$2,517,976.37
1st March 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.34,652Payment by withholding367,280$40.42$1,400,633.84$14,845,457.60
1st March 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.8,456Payment by withholding401,932$40.42$341,791.52$16,246,091.44
1st March 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.51,158Grant/award etc.410,388$0.00
1st March 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.25,977Grant/award etc.359,230$0.00
15th March 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.33,446Payment by withholding333,834$41.09$1,374,296.14$13,717,239.06
2nd April 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.45,530Open or private sale288,304$37.73$1,717,846.90$10,877,709.92
3rd April 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.14,596Open or private sale273,708$38.33$559,464.68$10,491,227.64
1st July 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.20,143Open or private sale253,565$39.45$794,641.35$10,003,139.25
1st August 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.14,473Open or private sale239,092$44.71$647,087.83$10,689,803.32
25th February 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.14,473Open or private sale225,568$37.74$546,211.02$8,512,936.32
1st March 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.23,342Open or private sale219,997$40.23$939,048.66$8,850,479.31
1st March 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.44,550Payment by withholding243,339$39.21$1,746,805.50$9,541,322.19
1st March 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.5,198Payment by withholding287,889$39.21$203,813.58$11,288,127.69
1st March 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.36,915Grant/award etc.293,087$0.00
1st March 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.30,604Grant/award etc.256,172$0.00
18th May 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.49,442Open or private sale143,591$64.85$3,206,313.70$9,311,876.35
10th March 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.27,641Bona fide gift192,356$0.00
3rd June 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.1,321Open or private sale139,672$62.30$82,298.30$8,701,565.60
1st June 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.1,073Payment by withholding140,993$62.43$66,987.39$8,802,192.99
1st June 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.1,525Payment by withholding142,066$62.43$95,205.75$8,869,180.38
2nd September 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.1,321Open or private sale135,752$77.73$102,681.33$10,552,002.96
1st September 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.1,074Payment by withholding137,073$76.58$82,246.92$10,497,050.34
1st September 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.1,525Payment by withholding138,147$76.58$116,784.50$10,579,297.26