Laurent Bride, COO & CTO

TLND 140,743 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Laurent Bride is at least $5,877,427.68. Laurent Bride owns over 140,743 units of Talend SA stock worth over $5,877,427.68.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th September 2020TLND - Talend SA1,113Open or private sale140,743$41.76$46,478.88$5,877,427.68
16th September 2020TLND - Talend SA595Open or private sale141,856$43.04$25,608.80$6,105,482.24
15th February 2019TLND - Talend SA2,397Open or private sale136,229$46.00$110,262.00$6,266,534.00
15th February 2019TLND - Talend SA2,397Exercise of derivative138,626$16.28$39,023.16$2,256,831.28
22nd February 2019TLND - Talend SA8,714Grant/award etc.144,943$0.00
22nd February 2019TLND - Talend SA27,778Grant/award etc.172,721$0.00
15th May 2019TLND - Talend SA3,483Open or private sale171,336$47.92$166,912.33$8,210,763.79
15th May 2019TLND - Talend SA2,098Exercise of derivative174,819$17.18$36,043.64$3,003,390.42
15th August 2019TLND - Talend SA1,385Open or private sale169,951$39.30$54,428.98$6,678,887.35
15th November 2019TLND - Talend SA13,387Open or private sale128,566$38.29$512,593.58$4,922,843.57
15th November 2019TLND - Talend SA21,398Open or private sale141,953$37.64$805,365.09$5,342,741.84
15th November 2019TLND - Talend SA6,600Open or private sale163,351$36.69$242,159.28$5,993,478.87
11th February 2020TLND - Talend SA36,080Grant/award etc.186,868$0.00
11th February 2020TLND - Talend SA22,222Grant/award etc.150,788$0.00
24th February 2020TLND - Talend SA1,386Open or private sale185,482$36.85$51,068.97$6,834,325.42
16th March 2020TLND - Talend SA3,448Open or private sale182,034$24.03$82,851.65$4,374,076.78
18th May 2020TLND - Talend SA1,386Open or private sale180,648$29.73$41,205.78$5,370,665.04
1st June 2020TLND - Talend SA5,662Open or private sale174,986$35.00$198,170.00$6,124,510.00
17th June 2020TLND - Talend SA1,130Open or private sale173,278$35.42$40,024.60$6,137,506.76
16th June 2020TLND - Talend SA578Open or private sale174,408$35.47$20,501.66$6,186,251.76
7th August 2020TLND - Talend SA3,423Open or private sale145,223$41.80$143,084.82$6,070,466.62
7th August 2020TLND - Talend SA23,532Open or private sale148,646$41.04$965,677.98$6,099,956.17
6th August 2020TLND - Talend SA1,100Open or private sale172,178$38.83$42,717.51$6,686,377.67
18th August 2020TLND - Talend SA1,386Open or private sale143,837$39.76$55,100.57$5,718,254.32
1st September 2020TLND - Talend SA1,386Open or private sale142,451$45.00$62,370.00$6,410,295.00