Christos Dimopoulos, Pres., Global Supply Chains

BG 31,017.808 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Christos Dimopoulos is at least $1,835,633.88. Christos Dimopoulos owns over 31,017.808 units of Bunge Ltd. stock worth over $1,835,633.88.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd December 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.174Grant/award etc.31,017.808$59.18$10,297.32$1,835,633.88
28th February 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.25Payment by withholding8,790.808$53.04$1,325.88$466,220.50
1st March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.55Payment by withholding8,735.808$52.89$2,908.95$462,036.89
4th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.26Grant/award etc.8,759.808$52.85$1,374.10$462,955.85
4th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.2Payment by withholding8,733.808$52.85$105.70$461,581.75
12th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.5,500Grant/award etc.14,259.808$0.00
3rd June 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.73Grant/award etc.14,332.808$53.28$3,889.44$763,652.01
3rd September 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.75Grant/award etc.14,407.808$53.08$3,981.00$764,766.45
2nd December 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.74Grant/award etc.14,481.808$53.61$3,967.14$776,369.73
28th February 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.2,000Open or private purchase16,481.808$46.56$93,110.00$767,310.57
28th February 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.27Payment by withholding16,454.808$46.60$1,258.13$766,752.92
2nd March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.1Payment by withholding16,537.808$48.13$48.13$795,923.35
2nd March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.84Grant/award etc.16,538.808$48.13$4,042.50$795,930.14
8th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.70Payment by withholding16,467.808$46.71$3,269.70$769,211.31
10th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.8,269Grant/award etc.30,236.808$0.00
10th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.5,500Grant/award etc.21,967.808$0.00
1st September 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.225Grant/award etc.30,843.808$45.55$10,247.63$1,404,781.24