Gilad Raz, CIO & VP of Technical Services

VRNS 74,993 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Gilad Raz is at least $4,271,601.28. Gilad Raz owns over 74,993 units of Varonis Systems, Inc. stock worth over $4,271,601.28.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th February 2019VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.24,000Grant/award etc.78,120$0.00
1st March 2019VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.3,465Payment by withholding74,993$56.96$197,366.40$4,271,601.28
3rd September 2019VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.1,360Payment by withholding73,633$68.32$92,915.20$5,030,606.56
2nd December 2019VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.1,292Payment by withholding72,341$78.11$100,918.12$5,650,555.51
14th January 2020VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.1,470Exercise of derivative73,811$1.58$2,316.72$116,326.14
13th February 2020VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.22,000Grant/award etc.95,811$0.00
2nd March 2020VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.5,645Open or private sale90,532$78.50$443,132.50$7,106,762.00
7th April 2020VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.725Grant/award etc.91,257$0.00
6th July 2020VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.14,405Open or private sale76,852$99.08$1,427,309.34$7,614,826.62
1st September 2020VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.2,640Open or private sale72,283$124.85$329,593.97$9,024,257.87
1st September 2020VRNS - Varonis Systems, Inc.1,961Open or private sale74,923$124.32$243,782.89$9,314,097.70