Paul Andrew Zuber

DT 37,912 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Paul Andrew Zuber is at least $1,650,225.95. Paul Andrew Zuber owns over 37,912 units of Dynatrace, Inc. stock worth over $1,650,225.95.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th October 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.7,400Open or private sale37,912$43.53$322,105.72$1,650,225.95
15th May 2019HLI - Houlihan Lokey, Inc.833Grant/award etc.3,191$0.00
31st July 2019DT - Dynatrace, Inc.12,500Grant/award etc.112,902$0.00
10th December 2019DT - Dynatrace, Inc.11,290Open or private sale101,612$24.01$271,044.68$2,439,450.09
10th March 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.2,758Open or private sale94,212$26.74$73,735.96$2,518,786.08
10th March 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.4,642Open or private sale96,970$25.98$120,593.59$2,519,164.24
14th April 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.7,400Open or private sale86,812$25.00$185,000.00$2,170,300.00
11th May 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.499Open or private sale79,412$33.89$16,912.51$2,691,495.03
11th May 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.4,287Open or private sale79,911$33.43$143,307.12$2,671,288.88
11th May 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.2,614Open or private sale84,198$32.32$84,493.63$2,721,574.05
28th May 2020HLI - Houlihan Lokey, Inc.1,443Grant/award etc.4,634$0.00
10th June 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.2,175Open or private sale72,012$38.45$83,620.49$2,768,587.75
10th June 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.5,225Open or private sale74,187$37.79$197,462.16$2,803,660.27
10th July 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.22Open or private sale64,612$44.41$977.02$2,869,418.92
10th July 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.1,806Open or private sale64,634$43.54$78,636.85$2,814,293.63
10th July 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.5,572Open or private sale66,440$42.95$239,324.09$2,853,677.73
30th July 2020HLI - Houlihan Lokey, Inc.3,062Bona fide gift3,062$0.00
30th July 2020HLI - Houlihan Lokey, Inc.3,062Bona fide gift1,572$0.00
10th August 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.296Open or private sale57,212$38.11$11,280.56$2,180,349.32
10th August 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.2,488Open or private sale57,508$36.88$91,769.13$2,121,165.33
10th August 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.4,616Open or private sale59,996$36.16$166,905.79$2,169,341.37
17th August 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.8,522Open or private sale47,712$37.87$322,713.65$1,806,772.33
17th August 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.978Open or private sale56,234$37.09$36,271.28$2,085,561.60
25th August 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.5,000Grant/award etc.52,712$0.00
10th September 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.3,058Open or private sale45,312$40.61$124,173.76$1,839,948.13
10th September 2020DT - Dynatrace, Inc.4,342Open or private sale48,370$40.10$174,102.04$1,939,501.56