Benjamin A. Kirshner

HWAY 14,991 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Benjamin A. Kirshner is at least $258,744.66. Benjamin A. Kirshner owns over 14,991 units of HEALTHWAYS, INC stock worth over $258,744.66.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
8th March 2019HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC422Grant/award etc.422$0.00
20th March 2019HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC14,569Open or private purchase14,991$17.26$251,460.94$258,744.66
23rd May 2019HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC6,098Grant/award etc.21,089$0.00
26th February 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC4,000Open or private purchase25,089$12.74$50,960.00$319,633.86
13th March 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC5,000Open or private purchase30,089$4.37$21,850.00$131,488.93
11th May 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC3,024Grant/award etc.34,057$0.00
21st May 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC10,827Grant/award etc.44,884$0.00
24th August 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC1,720Grant/award etc.46,604$0.00