Michael P Harris, EVP, Research & Advisory

IT 3,499 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael P Harris is at least $500,391.99. Michael P Harris owns over 3,499 units of Gartner, Inc. stock worth over $500,391.99.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.219Payment by withholding3,499$143.01$31,319.19$500,391.99
6th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.631Exercise of derivative3,718$0.00
9th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.165Payment by withholding4,857$138.74$22,892.10$673,860.18
9th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.561Exercise of derivative5,022$0.00
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.203Payment by withholding4,461$138.74$28,164.22$618,919.14
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.702Exercise of derivative4,664$0.00
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.194Payment by withholding3,962$138.74$26,915.56$549,687.88
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.657Exercise of derivative4,156$0.00
30th August 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.266Payment by withholding5,438$133.67$35,556.22$726,897.46
30th August 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.847Exercise of derivative5,704$0.00
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.219Payment by withholding7,337$154.29$33,789.51$1,132,025.73
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.631Exercise of derivative7,556$0.00
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.615Payment by withholding6,925$154.29$94,888.35$1,068,458.25
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.2,102Exercise of derivative7,540$0.00
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.193Payment by withholding8,296$152.58$29,447.94$1,265,803.68
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.657Exercise of derivative8,489$0.00
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.207Payment by withholding7,832$152.58$31,584.06$1,195,006.56
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.702Exercise of derivative8,039$0.00
25th August 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.1,426Open or private sale6,870$131.53$187,561.78$903,611.10
30th August 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.249Payment by withholding7,468$131.48$32,738.52$981,892.64
30th August 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.847Exercise of derivative7,717$0.00