Timothy R White, President, White Knight, QED

GGG 44,088.755 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Timothy R White is at least $1,929,628.14. Timothy R White owns over 44,088.755 units of Graco, Inc. stock worth over $1,929,628.14.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
8th February 2019GGG - Graco, Inc.4,800Open or private sale44,088.755$43.77$210,081.12$1,929,628.14
8th February 2019GGG - Graco, Inc.4,800Exercise of derivative48,888.755$6.93$33,280.32$338,965.30
3rd May 2019GGG - Graco, Inc.6,000Open or private sale44,659.662$52.18$313,077.00$2,330,318.82
3rd May 2019GGG - Graco, Inc.6,000Exercise of derivative50,659.662$8.86$53,180.40$449,016.85
3rd February 2020GGG - Graco, Inc.4,860Open or private sale44,659.662$53.28$258,927.68$2,379,346.20
3rd February 2020GGG - Graco, Inc.4,860Exercise of derivative49,519.662$8.86$43,076.12$438,912.57
27th August 2020GGG - Graco, Inc.6,090Open or private sale45,189.435$58.43$355,836.87$2,640,405.14
27th August 2020GGG - Graco, Inc.6,090Exercise of derivative51,279.435$14.24$86,721.60$730,219.16