Rebecca Cantieri, Chief People Officer

SVMK 130,997 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Rebecca Cantieri is at least $2,881,934.00. Rebecca Cantieri owns over 130,997 units of SVMK Inc. stock worth over $2,881,934.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th February 2021SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,413Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan130,997$22.00$119,086.00$2,881,934.00
17th February 2021SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,557Open or private sale136,410$21.17$75,301.69$2,887,799.70
16th February 2021SVMK - SVMK Inc.36,733Grant/award etc.139,967$0.00
23rd November 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,299Grant/award etc.116,789$10.20$13,249.80$1,191,247.80
18th November 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.2,934Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan115,490$21.28$62,442.27$2,457,892.83
17th November 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,522Open or private sale118,424$21.07$95,260.00$2,494,708.14
19th February 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.2,742Open or private sale199,873$11.79$32,320.23$2,355,923.04
15th February 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.40,000Grant/award etc.202,615$0.00
22nd February 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.7,500Open or private sale192,373$13.50$101,271.00$2,597,574.14
27th February 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,649Open or private sale188,724$14.00$51,086.00$2,642,136.00
16th May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,413Open or private sale185,311$16.39$55,936.34$3,037,099.04
22nd May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,772Grant/award etc.187,083$10.20$18,074.40$1,908,246.60
26th July 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,148Open or private sale182,935$18.00$74,664.00$3,292,830.00
16th August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,445Open or private sale179,490$17.30$59,585.41$3,104,494.94
22nd August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,127Open or private sale175,363$18.00$74,286.00$3,156,534.00
18th November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,347Open or private sale172,016$16.97$56,809.30$2,919,661.97
22nd November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,568Grant/award etc.173,584$10.20$15,993.60$1,770,556.80
12th December 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,190Open or private sale169,394$18.00$75,420.00$3,049,092.00
2nd January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,772Open or private sale167,622$18.28$32,390.57$3,063,979.30
15th January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.11,300Open or private sale152,622$20.02$226,228.26$3,055,522.96
14th January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,700Open or private sale163,922$20.00$74,017.02$3,279,194.04
18th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.36,640Grant/award etc.176,025$0.00
18th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.9,623Open or private sale139,385$22.05$212,144.81$3,072,825.96
14th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,614Open or private sale149,008$22.00$79,523.54$3,278,816.73
14th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.23,548Open or private sale152,622$21.02$495,047.25$3,208,557.04
14th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.23,548Exercise of derivative176,170$11.00$259,028.00$1,937,870.00
20th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,284Open or private sale167,509$20.90$110,459.91$3,501,708.64
19th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,232Open or private sale172,793$21.02$67,939.87$3,632,281.65
19th May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,865Open or private sale160,533$18.81$72,696.40$3,019,449.14
18th May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,111Open or private sale164,398$19.53$60,770.59$3,211,366.97
22nd May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,611Grant/award etc.162,144$10.20$16,432.20$1,653,868.80
9th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.63Open or private sale160,381$22.00$1,386.00$3,528,382.00
5th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,700Open or private sale160,444$22.00$37,402.04$3,529,960.53
16th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.6,667Open or private sale160,381$22.43$149,526.14$3,596,992.99
16th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.6,667Exercise of derivative167,048$12.35$82,337.45$2,063,042.80
23rd June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.18,912Open or private sale160,381$23.21$438,883.22$3,721,897.71
23rd June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.18,912Exercise of derivative179,293$13.20$249,638.40$2,366,667.60
19th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.14,298Open or private sale160,381$23.21$331,789.38$3,721,689.22
19th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.14,298Exercise of derivative174,679$13.20$188,733.60$2,305,762.80
25th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.8,796Open or private sale155,825$23.63$207,811.66$3,681,474.70
25th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,240Exercise of derivative164,621$13.20$55,968.00$2,172,997.20
24th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,300Open or private sale160,381$23.20$30,160.00$3,720,839.20
24th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,300Exercise of derivative161,681$13.20$17,160.00$2,134,189.20
1st July 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.10,444Open or private sale145,381$24.02$250,885.77$3,492,342.38
19th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.2,974Open or private sale137,946$22.59$67,191.28$3,116,600.18
18th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,461Open or private sale140,920$22.33$99,631.97$3,147,307.28
1st September 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.15,000Open or private sale122,946$26.01$390,174.00$3,198,022.17